“MOM” Necklace Giveaway with Helen Ficalora

helen ficalora mom necklace

photography: fort lion studio

Happy Thursday, friends! Today’s post is one that is so special to me because not only do I get to talk about being a mom, but I get to gift one of you this beautiful Helen Ficalora “mom” necklace!

Being a mom is no doubt the hardest thing I’ve ever done and probably ever will do. It’s just crazy to think that every single decision I make, every tone of voice I use, the hand motions I use, the rules I set, it will all effect my girls in some way. There is so much that’s out of my control and I know I’ve already messed up and will mess up again in the future, but despite my sinful nature, there’s one thing I want for my girls – I want my girls to feel loved. Crazy loved!

I want my girls to feel loved not just because I say I love you to them, but because of the way I treat them. I want them to feel loved by the way I wake them up in the morning, by the way I listen to their silly stories, by the way my skin touches them when I hug them, by the way I help them get dressed, by the way I push them in the swings, by the way I love their father, and by the way I love others.  I think I want this for them because that’s the biggest gift my mom ever gave me and I know how incredible it feels.

My mom and I have a lot of similarities and she is no doubt my best friend. We talk almost every single day and I look up to her in more ways than I could ever and probably have ever expressed to her. We’re also both very opinionated and very stubborn – we’ve got that German blood running though us! But, despite our differences and stubbornness, I’ve always felt radically and unconditionally loved by my mom. She has set the best example of how to love a daughter and I hope I can do the same for my girls!

I love that this necklace although so simple in it’s design is such a powerful little word that I get to carry right by my heart. I’ve loved wearing it since the day I got it. I love that it’s so dainty and that it looks sweet paired with smaller necklaces and bigger statement necklaces alike So, whether you’re a mom and love this necklace like I do or think this necklace would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mom, you can enter to win your very own below!

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