Midweek Mentions 6.1.22


midweek mentions:

  • Body positivity – what a heavy, intimate, and beautiful topic. I don’t know why, but lately I’ve been struggling with my body. I didn’t really realize how negative I was being until Travis pointed out that I was getting in the habit of putting myself down. Little comments like “of course this doesn’t fit” or “my skin looks awful;” comments that if a one-off aren’t inherently terrible, but when they start to add up they can have a lasting affect. Travis encouraged me to start talking positively about my body; not letting myself say any negative comments about my body. Once I started focusing on being kind and loving to my body I was shocked at how innate the negative talk had become. So, if you ever struggle with loving your body, this is me saying “me too!” Let’s all commit to saying nice things to ourself about ourself.
  • Speaking of body positivity, one of the ways I’ve been trying to care for my body is by moving it daily. I’ve started swimming again and am also trying out Melissa Wood Health pilates videos. I’m focusing on lean muscle development and can’t wait to see results after a couple months.
  • If you prefer workout classes over videos from a website, don’t forget that ClassPass is still offering one free month!
  • My girlfriends and I were talking about fedoras today and which brands we liked and which brands we didn’t. One of the newest brands that so many are loving right now is Sunshine Tienda. I personally am eyeing this hat.