Midweek Mentions 4.13.2022


midweek mentions:

  • After a challenging week last week, I made the decision to develop a healthier morning routine. My hope with a healthier morning routine would be to start my days off centered and in a healthy headspace. I started a new routine this week and although it’s hard right now to wake up earlier, I’m confident it will pay off. I can already say that making time for meditation helps me to begin my day grounded, calm, and intentionally.
  • I recently started a moms’ bible study and we are reading the book, Risen Motherhood. We had our first meeting last night and the subject of working moms versus stay at home moms came up. Some women felt guilt for working and I could relate – I felt that at one point. We talked though about how motherhood looks different for all families and that’s the beauty of motherhood. If you’re struggling with this at all, I just want to remind you that no matter your situation (working mom, SAHM, etc.), you are your little’s ONLY mom. No one can replace you. It does not matter if you’re home while your kids nap or have time away from them to work. What matters is that you are present with your kids when you’re with them. They want your undivided attention and that is what they will remember when they’re older. They will remember HOW you showed up, not HOW MUCH.
  • I recently got my library card and have been flying through audible books. I haven’t read a murder mystery in awhile, but I started One by One this week. Y’all, I cannot put it down! It is good from page one and I bet you anything it will be one of my favorites from this year!
  • I just tried the a TJoes coffee creamer and it is oh-so-tasty. It’s called the “Non-Dairy Oat Creamer ‘Brown Sugar'” and y’all, it’s good. I recently switched to their regular oat creamer because it’s low cal, low sugar, low carb, and most importantly, doesn’t upset my stomach. I was so pumped to see this new flavor though and love that it’s a touch sweeter than the regular one. I highly recommend trying it!
  • If you are of a fan of the Trader Joe’s Jingle Jangle they sell during the holidays, you need to get your butt to TJoe’s right now. They came out with a Spring Jingle Jangle and it is so freaking good! I’m stocking up for social events were hosting this spring. Be careful though because once you open it, you won’t be able to start eating it.
  • Does anyone else struggle to get consistent one-on-one time with your kids? I always think I’ll have ample time to pour into them individually on the weekends, but then I also want to savor time as our little family of 4. This past weekend though we divided and conquered. Travis took Emma Grace to a Dallas Stars game and I got to spend the afternoon with Abby at the Dallas Arboretum. It never ceases to amaze me that once you get your child alone they talk so much and share so much more with you! Here’s to reminding myself to be more intentional about one-on-one time with my girls.