Midweek Mentions 2.23.22

bamboo shades

Happy Hump Day, babes! I hope your week is going well. Ours seems to be flying by and I’m not complaining because Travis and I are headed to Palm Springs tomorrow. Well, if the weather is on our side that is. Even though it was 80 a couple days ago, a cold snap is bringing ice to Dallas today. No, thanks!

Today I’m excited to start up a new, weekly blog post. My Weekend Edit posts are y’all’s favorites and I wanted to create something for you all with a similar vibe. Starting this week I will be starting this weekly series – Midweek Mentions. It will be similar in structure to the Weekend Edit in that it will be quick bullet points. But, this will be a post that will focus more on me sharing my life and thoughts with you.

Some times I will link out to items or places, but mostly I will be sharing my thoughts, motherhood montras, or just processing things out loud. I hope you’ll enjoy this and if there’s ever a topic you want me to touch on just let me know!

midweek mentions:

  • As I was planning my outfits for our trip to Palm Springs I found myself wanting to purchase a couple fun new dresses. However, the dresses I was drawn to were more than I budgeted to spend. So, after hearing some friends rave about a new clothing subscription service, I decided to give it a try. I placed my first nuuly order (under $100/mo) and am bringing with me several dresses from Anthropologie, LoveShackFancy, and more. After I try this out for a month or so I’ll give y’all an update on if I think it’s worth it or not.
  • As I’ve been trying to make spending time in the Word a daily priority, it dawned on me how impactful it would be for me to do in front of my girls. I typically do my devotional and meditation in the morning when it’s quiet before everyone wakes. However, I am going to try to do my devotional – even if it only works on the weekends – in front of my girls. I want them to see their mama making the right priorities. I want to position myself to have open conversations about God and who He is.
  • Okay, y’all, I got my hair cut this past week and I got the low-down on the current hair trends. Lucky for me, my hair stylist splits her time between LA and Dallas. LA tends to always be a bit ahead with hair trends, so I always ask her what the newest style is. This past weekend she told me that the current trend is healthy hair! She said she’s seeing a lot of round brushed hair, healthy, straight hair, hot rollers, and big, healthy curls. So, but out those hot rollers again ladies!
  • Introvert or extrovert? Which are you? Which is your spouse? Some of my girlfriends and I were talking over the weekend about what each couple is. It was so cool to hear a snippet on how each couple navigates through their differences when it comes to being introverted or extroverted. Travis and I are both extroverts, and while it’s so fun most of the time, it has it’s own set of cautions. We’ve found that we are both inclined to be around people that we forget to make time for just us two. It’s something we’re working on for sure!
  • Being a working mom, house manager, wife, friend, etc., is hard to juggle! I recently started reading Fair Play and am so excited to hear her philosophy on how to juggle it all and help the both partners carry the load equally.
  • Big question – do you let people in when you’re struggling? I very much don’t like to. Well, let me rephrase that. I am definitely an open book and will go deep with you day one. But, I don’t like people to see me struggle. So that part I often keep behind closed doors. It’s not always the healthiest option though. So, lately I’ve been practicing letting people in when I’m having a hard day or struggling. I had a rough parenting day last week and reached out to my sister. It wasn’t fun for me, but felt good to be fully seen. I hope you have a person because having a person is good. 🙂