May’s Top Amazon Purchases

amazon may top purchases

May’s Top Amazon Purchases


I am definitely a newbie when it comes to BCAA powder, but I’ve just started using them after my workouts. I love the flavor of this one and it’s super easy to mix with water. If you’re new to BCAAs like me, they’re great for promoting muscle development and maintenance and are a great addition to your routine if you are working out consistently.

Foldable Straw Visor

I’ve been eyeing these straw visors for awhile, but couldn’t find one I loved. Then I saw this one on Amazon and couldn’t resist because the color was perfect. I think this will be the perfect pool accessory for summer.

Smocked Tank

I have been very into smocked lately and the straps on this top are just too freaking cute.

Remote Flameless Candles –

If you recall I found some lanterns (like these) to hang in our backyard and needed some flameless candles for them. I grabbed these and love them because they are remote controlled so I never have to hassle with taking the lanterns down to turn them off.

70s Themed Costume –

We had a 70s themed party in May and these were my two favorite accessories. The wig was so easy to put on and stayed on all night. You can brush the hair out multiple times, so I definitely plan on reusing it! I also plan on passing the vest down to Emma to use for her next 70s theme event!

Toast Rack DIY

If you’re looking for an easy DIY project, hop on over to my Instagram and check out one of my most recent REELS where I turned this toast rack into a bedside book organizer.