March 2021: Top Amazon Purchases

What does your Amazon cart say about you? I feel like last month’s top Amazon purchases give a good glimpse of my life. There’s a little travel, a little kid-related, and of course some fashion items.

Each of these 5 items is a purchase I would make over and over again. They’re all well-made and serve their purpose well.

march top amazon purchases

March 2021: Top Amazon Purchases

Toiletry Bag:

I was influenced by an influencer on this one, and I’m so glad! I use this travel case for my make-up, but didn’t have anything for my full-sized toiletries. I love that this one first my bigger toiletries, my brushes, etc. Best of all, it hangs so you can see everything clearly and access everything easily. I’ve also traveled with this case 3 times now and it holds up.

Slip Dress:

What exactly does it say about me that I’m buying a slip dress? I’m either practical or showing my age. Eek. I hope the former. If you have a see through dress though, I highly recommend this slip. It’s thin and not bulky at all, but still get’s the job done. It fits TTS.

Sunglasses Chain:

I’m a BIG fan of sunglasses chains in the summer. I have a gold one from last summer, but found this $8 chain this year. I love the little pearls on it. It’s such a dainty, feminine chain!

Balloon Garland:

Y’all, I am freaking sold on this balloon garland. I used this balloon garland this past weekend to set up a DIY spa day for my girls. I was truly shocked at how easy it was to set up and shocked that it lasted! I mean, hiring someone to do balloon garland for a party can cost over $100 and I got he same effect for $11. I will 100% be doing this for more parties and events in the future!

Maxi Dress:

I love everything about this maxi dress. It’s so perfect for Spring. The neckline is flattering, the skirt is double lined so it’s not see through, and the cut is very flattering. It’s also super comfortable!



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