Fleurdille’s Top February Amazon Purchases

february amazon purchases

February’s Favorite Amazon Purchases

Home Decor:

I’ve been on a major decor kick lately as we refresh our dining room and as I try to style our new console table. I’ve found some items at Target, but have found a good amount on Amazon, too. I gave into the pampas grass trend and ordered this pampas grass to go on our console table. I also ordered these wooden beads to put in a bowl on our coffee table.

Board Game:

We’re gearing up for Spring Break with some friends so we’re laying out our favorite games. We learned how to play Code Names over Christmas and fell in love. It’s super easy to play and is a great game if you only have 4 people too. It’s easy to learn and fun to play!

Lounge Set:

I love a good lounge set and this one is perfect for Spring. I do recommend going up one size and if you’re not a fan of the color pictured above, it comes in many other color options, too!

Wireless Bras:

If you missed it, I purchased these two wireless bras several weeks ago and did a comparison post you can read here. I thought I’d like one over the other, but I ended up liking them both. I do encourage you to read through my review as it talks about which bra I recommend wearing for different outfit types. I will say, I’ve found myself wearing this one over this one during the week.

Leopard Masks:

Seeing as masks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, I thought I’d step up my mask game. I prefer the disposable masks over cloths masks because you can breath much easier in them. I think this leopard mask is so much fun and it comes in a 50 pack!