6 tips to make your home more warm and welcoming

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Hi, babes! Today we’re sharing some of our favorite tips for making your home feel welcoming to guests. We may have a tiny home, but you know what they say – love grows best in a tiny home! No matter the size of your home, whether you live in a house or an apartment, these easy tips will make your guests feel right at home!

Some of the tips I’ve learned over the years from my mom and other women, and some are just things I personally love when walking into a home.

7 tips to make your home warm and welcoming:

  1. light candles 45 min prior to guests arriving – one of my favorite things when I visit my parents is that my mom always has candles burning. It smells good, the flickering light
  2. bake cookies before guests arrive – this was a tip I got from another mom. She told me she always bakes cookies – whether she serves them or not – just before guests arrive so that there’s a sweet, home-cooked aroma in her home.
  3. air fresheners in main rooms – we have a dog that sleeps in the same dang place day after day, so despite the fact that we burn candles, I still don’t want there to be a dog stench. So, in addition to our candles, we keep an air freshener in our living room.
  4. candle in bathroom – I absolutely love having a candle lit in the bathroom. There’s just something so calming and welcoming to walk into a bathroom with the glow of a candle. It also serves a dual purpose as a night light. Win win!
  5. bathroom caddy – this is something we’ve just started doing lately, and to be honest it was born out of a need. There have been times when I was at someone else’s house and needed a feminine product or realized I forgot deodorant, and didn’t have anything on me. So, we’ve created a bathroom caddy we keep out with anything we can think of that our guests might need – poopourri, lotion, deodorant, feminine products, you name it! PS – we got all our caddy items from the dollar cosmetic section at Target!
  6. small snacks – whether you’re hosting dinner, drinks, or just a play date, it’s always nice to have snacks out. This is something my mother-in-law is so good at! It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant or home-made. Simply put out a bowl of nuts, some cheese and crackers, or popcorn! Whatever you have is great!
  7. flowers – I know flowers can be an expense, but I have always argued that they’re worth it. They make such a big impact on the mood of people. They brighten up a space, bring a refreshing odor indoors, and can even serve as a talking piece. It doesn’t have to be a fancy arrangement you spent hours on either. Just pick up some flowers from your local Trader Joe’s and plop them in a vase!


You don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect host and neither does your home!

target button down cardigan sweatertarget button down cardigan sweatertarget button down cardigan sweater

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target button down cardigan sweatertips for making your home ready for gueststips for making your home ready for guests

bathroom caddy: lotion, makeup remover pads, room spray, deodorant, hair spray

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