how to get quality ski clothes for less

black fur salomon ski coat

It’s ski season, y’all!! Normally ski season wouldn’t move the needle for me, but I am officially going on my very first ski trip this year! Although my husband has been skiing many times, I have never, ever been skiing. But all that will change in just a couple weeks. Hip hip hooray!

In February we are headed to Lake Tahoe with 3 other couples to ski. Everyone on the trip has been skiing before, so while they’re all doing their thing, yours truly will be in ski school. I’m actually pretty pumped for ski school and can’t wait to learn how to do it because I’d love for my girls to grow up skiing.

Now that our ski trip is quickly approaching, I’ve started to realize that I need to get all my ski gear figured out and y’all, it’s not cheap! I don’t think I realized all the things you needed to ski – it’s definitely more than just a coat. I was starting to worry a bit at how much money we were going to have to spend, but then I happened upon some gems at Clotheshorse Anonymous just several weeks ago.

I was looking at their coat rack (it’s how I found my favorite white peacoat last year), and lo and behold, there was a black ski coat! Not only that, but it was my size, had the cutest fur lined hood, and according to Travis, it was a great brand – Salomon! The coat fit absolutely perfectly, had zero signs of wear, and was only $100! I knew I was probably getting a good deal, but didn’t realize how good of a deal I was getting until I looked up their coats and realized most are over $300! So crazy, right?

The more I’ve gone back the more I’ve realized how many ski coats and pants they have! It’s been so refreshing to know that I can get new, fashionable ski clothes from well-known brands without having to spend a fortune. I plan on going back every week for the next couple of weeks to stock up and you totally should too! Whether you’re a first time skier like me or you just need a wardrobe upgrade, check out Clothehorse Anonymous to get new pieces at a fraction of the cost!

madewell red apres ski sweatshirtblack fur salomon ski coatmadewell red apres ski sweatshirt

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photography: maribel morales