Monday Mood Board: Little Girl’s Pink Bedroom Design Inspiration

little girls room

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Today’s Monday Mood Board inspiration is focused around Abigail’s room. For me, one of the fun things about moving into a new home has been getting to design bedrooms with my girls. They’re both at an age where they have some specific thoughts about how their room should look and function and it’s a blast to listen to!

Little Girl’s Pink Bedroom Design Inspiration:

While Emma’s room will feel a bit more grown up, Abigail is still very much in a stage where she plays with almost all her toys. When we started talking about what she wanted for her room, she had 2 main requests. The first request was to have her Barbie Dream House in her room. I definitely cringed at that one because that Barbie Dream House is an eye sore. Woof. But, I conceded because you’re only a kid once, right?

Abigail’s second request was to have a reading nook. Specifically, she wanted a chair that hung from the ceiling. I was all in on this idea, but Travis wasn’t, so we compromised. We agreed to do a comfy chair that gave the same feeling as a chair that hung from the ceiling. We haven’t exactly picked one yet, but this one is in the running. 

As I mentioned earlier, Abigail is still very much into all of her toys. So, my main goal for designing her room was to make it feel more like a “big kid” room while still having access to all of her toys. In order to do this, we had to get serious about organizing and hiding toys. 

One of our solutions was to use this cube organizer instead of a dresser. The top will act like a dresser with a lamp and picture frames on it, but the cubbies will house all of her toys. To add some texture to her room, I am going to put these baskets on the bottom and use these woven baskets on the top row. Her toys will be easily accessible and easily concealed. 

For her bed, we are using Emma Grace’s current Jenny Lind trundle bed. Her bed is no longer sold, but this one is super similar. I just love the look of this bed and think it works perfectly in a little girl’s room. She already has pink bedding and some light pink accessories, so we got this rug (on sale!) to pull everything together. 

As far as artwork goes, we haven’t quite decided what we’re going to hang over her bed. Abigail is pushing for this canopy and I honestly think it might look super cute. We’ll see!

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