Lash Lounge: Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

It seems like we all have that one thing we would change about our appearance and for me, it’s my eyelashes. Y’all, they are so short they might as well be non-existent. I feel like I have tried every kind of mascara and eyelashes curler known to man and to no avail.

Over the past year or so, some of my friends have started using permanent eyelashes. Not only do they make their eyes appear bigger, but my friends all boasted of how low maintenance they were because you no longer had to wear mascara. All they had to do was add a little eyeshadow and they were good to go!

So what kept me from racing to the nearest eyelash salon to get my first set? Two things: cost and the fear that permanent eyelashes would damage my own eyelashes.

Well, a couple of weeks ago I began working with The Lash Lounge and immediately asked about my two fears of permanent eyelashes. The Lash Lounge explained that while the initial cost of putting on your first set of eyelashes is somewhat costly ($200), the lash fills – you need these every 2-4 weeks, only cost $35-$50. In other words, after the initial cost the up-keep is pretty much the price of your mascara, which you’re no longer having to pay for. (NOTE: IF THE INITIAL COST STILL SEEMS PRICEY TO YOU, SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST FOR A DISCOUNT ON YOUR FIRST SET!)

The Lash Lounge also ensured me that all their estheticians are not only licensed, but they had to complete an additional training program strictly for Lash Lounge employees and this is the piece that separates them from other lash boutiques. The Lash Lounge’s top priorities for their clients include:

– using the best products

– consistent application of lashes

– keeping the natural lashes healthy

– excellent customer service each visit

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my experience:

What was my experience like?

Excellent to say the least. The Lash Lounge employees could not have made me feel more welcome from the second I walked into the door to the moment I left. My lash esthetician was very informative and talked me through everything she was doing and all I needed to know to care for my eyelashes.

How long have I had them?

As of today, I’ve had my eyelashes for 3 weeks and still love them! Some have fallen out, but I don’t think I’ll need a refill until 4 weeks.

What’s my favorite thing about them?

I don’t have to wear mascara anymore! I’ve gotten so many compliments lately on how great my eye make-up looks and little do they know, I’m wearing less eye make-up than normal. All I have to do is apply a light layer of mascara to my bottom lashes, a little eyeshadow, and I’m good to go!

My sweet friend, Andi, told me a couple of months ago that the one thing she would recommend before giving birth was to get fake eyelashes. She said it’s amazing because you don’t have to wear any make-up when visitors come to see you and the baby, but you still look like you have some on! She was soooo right. Having my eyelashes on in the hospital made me feel like at least one thing looked pretty without me having to put in any effort.

before/after photos:

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Can you believe the difference it makes and how real it looks? If you want to get your own, The Lash Lounge is offering 25% OFF YOUR FIRST SET and all you have to do is mention that you read my blog post when you set up your appointment! To see their locations, click here.

(oh, and excuse my dark spots…I can thank pregnancy for those guys)

xx – anna