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grey and wood silicone utensils

utensils: amazon | utensil holder: juliska | bread box: similar

Hi, babes! Happy Hump Day!!! It’s definitely been an adjustment going back to work, but I welcome the routine! Over the holiday break we spent a little time loving on our kitchen and I’m excited to share some easy, practical updates we did that you can do too!

For those that are new, we live in a little home built in the 1950s. While it has plenty of charm, it’s also needed a lot of love. It is not our forever home, so we have been trying to spend as little as possible on it, while still making small upgrades that improve the look and make it feel more like us. We figure we will either sell our home or renovate it, so why spend a bunch of money on it?

One of the main areas that needed some loving was our kitchen. Several months ago we got new cabinet doors, painted them a crisp white, and then put in new counter tops. We actually put in butcher block counter tops we got from Ikea! The next things we needed to do was add a backsplash. We originally were going to do it ourselves, but in the end had someone else do it over the holiday break. Since our kitchen is small we wanted to do something that would brighten it up, so we installed white subway tile. Y’all, it’s made the biggest difference!

Once the subway tile was installed and the countertops and cabinets were redone everything on my countertop suddenly stuck out. So, I spent a little time browsing pinterest and everyone’s favorite store – Amazon, for some kitchen upgrades.

practical kitchen upgrades:

  • coffee bar – we use our french press and water kettle every single day so I knew it was something that needed to stay out on the counter. It looked so ugly though. So, I decided to add a wooden charger under the the water kettle to make it more of a focal point. Then, instead of hiding our coffee in the cabinet, I decided to make a little coffee bar. I used a tiered tray I already had, but love this one, too! Then I found two little glass jars (similar) in the dollar section of Target to hold our coffee. Next, I used an old candle jar to hold our splenda, added our coffee scoop, a candle, and a succulent. So much more visually appealing!
  • soap dispenser – our soap is another thing we keep out as we use it multiple times a day. So, instead of the colorful plastic bottle it usually comes in, I swapped it out for this mason jar dispenser. This way it fits our aesthetic, but we can still use our favorite soap!
  • sponge holder – again, our sponge is something we use all day, every day. So, I found this cute little sponge holder on Amazon. It’s much prettier, cleaner, and fits our style!
  • air fryer beautification – y’all know I swear by our air fryer and use it constantly. It’s kind of bulky though and not very pretty. Since there isn’t really a way to hide it, I decide to add some flowers and make it part of a group of 3. Three is always more visually appealing then two, so I added our mortar and pestle, too!

white tiered coffee bar tray

serving tray: crate & barrel (similar) | glass jars: similar | sugar bowl: reused bowl from this candle

silver and black french press

kettle: similar| wood charger: world market | french press: world market

white modern farmhouse sponge holder

soap dispenser: amazon | sponge holder: amazon

grey and wood silicone utensilsgrey marble mortar and pestle

air fryer: amazon | mortar and pestle: crate & barrel | mason jar vase: pottery barn

white tiered coffee bar tray