How to dress for a winter wedding

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Good morning, loves! Can you believe it’s February already? I’m not going to lie that I am super excited for a month full of flowers, pink, and showing others how much we love them! The kick off of a “love month” got me thinking that this is about the time wedding season really starts to pick up, too. And although we are currently in the “baby shower” season of life, I know that so many of you are right in the midst of weddings and wedding showers.

Dressing for summer weddings always seems to come easy, but dressing for a winter wedding can be a bit more challenging. I mean, do you wear a jacket? You definitely need one, but you don’t want to carry it. Do you wear tights? The weather definitely calls for it sometimes, but I personally hate tights. I just feel like I always have so many questions floating around in my head when I’m trying to pick out an outfit for a winter wedding.

Now, I do believe wedding attire should always be dictated by the invitation, venue, and time of day first and foremost. For example, if the invitation is formal, dressing will follow suit and likewise if the invitation is more casual. Check out the venue, too, because if it’s being held in a ballroom or nice hotel, dress will be formal, or if it’s at an outdoor barn, it will most likely be more casual. Pay attention to the time of day the wedding will take place as well – daytime usual lends to a more casual dress style while evening lends to a more formal dress style.

You can also look for key words in the invitation that might hint to the style of dress, such as “black tie,” which would obviously be the most formal type of dress.

So, after you’ve checked out the invitation, the venue, and the time, there are still some tips I’ve gathered along the way to help me pick out an outfit for a winter wedding.

dallas fashion blogger, dallas blogger, fleurdille

8 Tips to Dress for a Winter Wedding:

  • rewear holiday dress – I love getting multiple uses out of a dress and chances are high that you bought a dress either for a Christmas service or holiday party, so if it’s appropriate, wear it again!
  • shall or oversized scarf in leiu of a jacket – I personally hate wearing a jacket to weddings because it seems like you only wear it from the car to the venue and then it sits on the back of a chair all night at the risk of being snagged by someone else; so, wear a shall or scarf instead to give you warmth; this will also look more feminine and a little more formal than a bulky jacket
  • opt for heavier fabrics – fabrics like tweed, velvet, etc. will keep you warmer than a thinner fabric
  • play with length – a winter wedding is great opportunity to wear a longer hem or hi-low dress
  • closed toed pumps – with colder temps, closed toed pumps are more weather appropriate than open toed for a formal event
  • tights – although I rarely opt for this option since I hate wearing tights, this is a great option to ensure a little extra warmth
  • avoid white – I know there has been some debate on this lately, but I am still a firm believer that the only person in the room that should be wearing white is the bride; I mean, let the bride have her day 😉
  • no need to bare it all – man, I probably missed the boat on this one when I was younger, but try to avoid short dress and plunging necklines if you’re a wedding guest; the attention does not need to be on you

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And, as the old saying goes, it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed!

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