The Shocking Tool That Will Decrease Your Screen Time

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Hi, loves! How many of you have a smart watch? I’ve been debating getting the Apple watch for almost a year. The main reason I’ve been wanting a smart watch is to track my workouts. I love that it can clock your workouts and tell you how many calories you’ve burned. I feel like every time I see someone with an apple watch on I can’t resist asking if they like it.

leith body con tank dress

There are definitely people that don’t like them or don’t end up using them very much. But those that do like them, rave about them! I’ve heard people say it’s nice to have it on during meetings because you don’t have to look down at your phone. I’ve heard people rave about the fitness quality or the convenience of them, too. Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews though, something held me back from getting one.

Yes, they are more expensive than a normal watch, but that wasn’t what was holding me back. I think I was hesitant to own one more piece of technology. Being a blogger, I’m already on my phone and computer a lot, and I was worried that another “device” would pull me even further away from my kids.

kate spade scallop smart watch

And then I was sent this beautiful watch by the Kate Spade team. I love the light color band and the fact that it’s much cheaper than the apple watch. So, I decided to give it a try. I’ve been wearing it for a couple of weeks now and I love it. Truly. I love that I can count my steps, that I can get reminders from my calendar, and that I can access various apps. But the thing I love most? It’s helped me be more engaged with my kids by decreasing my screen time. It sounds crazy, but hear me out on this.

leith body con tank dress

Normally, my phone is connected to my hip. With a business that has no “set hours,” I check my phone constantly to make sure I’m not missing an important email or message. I also keep it on me in case Travis calls. But then I got my smart watch and I started to notice something – I was leaving my phone behind more and more. I was able to see texts, calls and emails come in on my watch and all it required was a glance. A glance to decide if it was something that needed to be addressed immediately or could wait until later.

I found that I didn’t have to break my attention with my girls when I wore my smart watch. I was able to stay focused on what we were playing, while still staying plugged in when needed. I was actually spending less time on my phone. A glance at a watch as opposed to pulling my phone out and opening an app is world’s better and faster. It has allowed me to stay present with my girls and be a better mom. It has helped me decrease my screen time an increase my family time.

leith body con tank dresskate spade scallop smart watchleith body con tank dress

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