Happy 3rd Birthday, Emma Grace!

pink tutu

I cannot even believe the words I’m writing: my daughter is turning 3! I feel like it was just yesterday that I was writing this post on what a blessing and miracle it was to get pregnant with Emma Grace. From the moment we found out we were having her and every moment since, Emma Grace has filled our lives with joy and an indescribable happiness. Also, with sass, tantrums, and tears, but let’s not get into the “terrible twos.”

I don’t even know where to begin with this post because it seems hard to put “Emma Grace” into words or a couple sentences because she’s so much more complex than that. I have loved watching her curiosity bloom, her personality develop, her interests expand, and I never tire of hearing the phrase “what means ____.” I think my favorite “what means” question was one she asked a couple of weeks ago.

While we were camping two weeks ago, Emma Grace asked my husband and me, “what means wifi.” We’ve never used this word in front of her, so you can imagine that we were a bit shocked that she even knew this word. But, we explained it in the simplest terms we could think of to which she responded: “yes, my teachers use wifi at school so they can work on their computers.” Let’s just say our kiddos are growing up in a very different world…

I could go on and on with stories about Emma Grace, how sweet and sassy she is, and how much she has taught us, but I’ll keep it simple today and simply let you in on her favorite things and what we’re doing to celebrate. If you’re on snapchat, you can follow along today as we celebrate EG’s birthday (snapchat username: fleurdille).

Emma Grace’s Favorites:

  • Food: donuts, pancakes with sprinkles & chocolate chips, donuts, rolls, donuts, gummy bears, donuts, … see a trend?
  • Drink: she would probably say orange juice because we only allow her to drink juice on vacation
  • Color (s): pink and purple – if you’ve spent any time with EG then she’s probably told you this 100 times over
  • Outfit: a dress or a tutu – one of our favorite stories about this comes from a couple of weeks ago when we were camping: naturally, when you camp you wear shorts or pants because you get dirty and are hiking and climbing all day. Well, on day 5 of our trip I was helping EG change into her clothes for the day and she began crying. I asked her what was wrong and she said, “everyone is going to think I’m a prince,” – referring to the fact that she was wearing pants for the 5th day in a row, haha.
  • Accessory: jewelry – this is a fairly new thing, but she loves to wear costume jewelry and tries to wear my Kendra Scott bracelets if I’ll let her
  • Hair style: either down with a bow or an “Elsa braid” aka a french braid
  • Toy: her bitty baby and her barbies
  • Movie: Frozen. This is a long-standing favorite and I’m not complaining.
  • Activity: ballet or swinging

Today’s Birthday Agenda:

  1. Breakfast in Bed – this is one of my favorite traditions from my up-brining. When Emma Grace wakes up, we’ll bring her breakfast in bed (donuts & chocolate milk), and sing Happy Birthday to her and talk about the day she was born.
  2. Ballet Camp – EG is attending a Frozen themed ballet camp taught by her Aunt Chachi, and it is most definitely the highlight of her day
  3. Lunch – I’m leaving this decision up to EG, but I’m sure she’ll choose McDonald’s so that she can play in the indoor play area.
  4. Finding Dory – we are heading to the movies for the very first time with our bestie, Charlee Kate! Prayers welcome.
  5. Dinner – another decision we’re leaving up to Emma Grace – it will probably be pancakes…
  6. Cake & Celebration – in the evening we’ll be celebrating with our extended families with cake and presents!

Emma Grace’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Favorites:

white eyelet toddler topred and white bathing suitpink tutuemma graceheart dress

So, happy birthday to my THREEnager, and follow along on snapchat!!

xx – anna