Motherhood: Emma’s greatest gift to me

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mommies!


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Since today is Mother’s Day and I have the tremendous honor of being able to celebrate it, I thought I would share with you my sweet journey with Emma Grace and the blessing she is to me. Our journey started long before she was even born. In January 2010, I had laproscopic surgery, which confirmed I had endometriosis. I began treating it with medication, and attempted to ignore the main risk factor: difficulty conceiving or the inability¬†to conceive at all. By¬†the summer of 2012 I was experiencing pain I didn’t think I could handle any more, and I had¬†another laproscopic surgery. I remember thinking that after I had the surgery my¬†Gynecologist¬†would confirm what we both assumed:¬†the removal of more¬†endometriosis.¬†Although she did confirm our suspicion, she also told my husband and I that she had to remove a lot more than we had anticipated and that if we wanted to have children we needed to start trying immediately – it could¬†be hard and maybe even impossible to have kids. The main thing I remember hearing her say was¬†that she really regretted not telling us to try sooner. This was hard to hear. Did I want kids? Of course. But, I was only 27. I was newly married, had just graduated with my masters and taken a job as a speech therapist, and wanted to enjoy travelling¬†with my husband for at least a couple more years.

So, my husband and I began to pray. We prayed every day for God to change our hearts and prepare us for what would lie ahead: children or the inability to have children. The next 6 months were emotional and hard at times, but in November 2012 we found out we were pregnant! We cried tears of joy as we knew it was a miracle, and we began praying for our sweet baby. Our prayers had turned from prayers of help and dependence to prayers of praise, thankfulness and blessings for our little baby. Looking back, this was such a sweet time in our life as God was showing us that our plan is not always His plan, and that His plan is always perfect. It reminded me that I am not in control (even though my type-A personality would like to think so), and that I need God each and every day!

On July 27, 2013 at 7:38 AM little miss Emma Grace Cobbs was born and our lives were filled with an indescribable joy. Emma Grace is absolutely perfect in our eyes and God has already used her to teach us so many things! At a time in our lives when all kinds of things were  and are changing Рbuying a new house, Travis getting his MBA, adjusting our budget to meet the needs of  a baby, etc., Emma Grace has shown us how to approach life with joy-filled hearts.

Emma’s sweet giggle when she sees something new, her exploratory nature, the way she smiles and kicks her feet each and every time she sees us no matter what kind of day she’s had, and her insatiable appetite to learn new words, textures and sounds is so inspiring. We often say Emma¬†has two modes: sleep and full-speed-ahead (this is why we call her “little wiggle”); she never stops moving. She has a determination to succeed and accomplish new things; if we had only half of that determination, there is no telling what we could do. Her innocence and the way she exudes pure joy throughout her day is a constant reminder¬†to slow down and enjoy each moment no matter how wonderful or hard that moment may be.

So, today I am so thankful that God has blessed my life by giving us Emma, and I am beyond excited that I get to celebrate the joy of living my life with my beautiful daughter each and every day!


Photo by Caroline Jurgensen Photography.


Photo by Caroline Jurgensen Photography.


Photo by Caroline Jurgensen Photography.


Photo by my husband.


Photo by Caroline Jurgensen Photography.

James 1:17 states “Every good and perfect gift is from above…,” and that is exactly how I view Emma. She is the biggest “little” blessing in my life and I cannot imagine my world without her.