5 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Guest Bedroom

guest bedroom refresh

Last month we had the privilege of partnering with Walmart to share our outdoor refresh. We are so excited to be partnering with Walmart again to share with you how we’ve made out guest bedroom ready for guests again!

It seems crazy to think that we haven’t had a guest stay in our home since before COVID. You may be in the same boat, too! People are vaccinated now, life is opening back up, and people are traveling again; thank the Lord! We are excited that with a return to “normal” we will start to host guests in our home again.

One of our favorite and most frequent guests is typically my mom. And lucky for us – we are welcoming her back to our home later this week! She’s flying in to watch the girls while Travis and I sneak away to the lake with some college friends. We are so grateful for her kind heart and willingness to watch our girls, so we wanted to take a couple extra steps to make her feel right at home.

Of course my mom couldn’t care less what our home looks like, but it’s always fun to come home to a warm, inviting space after a day of travel. So, the girls and I went to Walmart to grab some new items from their Home department to breathe some warmth and brightness back into our guest room.

Tips to Refresh Your Guest Bedroom:

Add Travel-Convenient Touches:

Over the years I’ve found that different guests “unpack” differently. Some like to live out of their bag, while others like to unpack everything into drawers right away. So, in an effort to make your guest feel right at home, clear a space in your closet with extra hangers for their clothes. I would also suggest having a travel stand for your guest to put their bag on.

Welcome Basket:

Creating a welcome basket is one of our favorite things to do for guests. We like it because you can create the basket to cater to each specific guest. For example, if you’re having someone stay a long time with you, you can include toiletry items in your basket that they might forget like deodorant, shampoo, lotion, etc. This time we opted to make our basket more of a “welcome basket” and include a welcome sign, a fresh candle, and a potted plant.

A Fresh Scent:

There’s really nothing to make you feel more like home than a warm candle. Whether you include your candle in a welcome basket or just have one burning in the room, it’s a nice touch!

Throw Pillows:

Having seasonal throw pillows is one of my favorite things to have around the home. We hadn’t updated our guest bedroom since before COVID, so we grabbed a couple pillows like this one and this one to make our guest bed bright and cheery.

Comfortable Blankets:

When updating our guest bedroom, we wanted to make it a cozy place where our guests could retreat if they needed a little rest and relaxation. So, we grabbed several cozy blankets like this one and put them in the cutest basket right by the bed so they’re easy to grab.

guest bedroom refreshguest bedroom refreshyellow throw pillow

If you haven’t shopped the home section at Walmart, I highly recommend checking it out. One of our favorite home lines is the Better Homes and Gardens line – they have the cutest stuff! In addition to a couple pieces from the Better Homes and Gardens line, we were able to update our guest bedroom with throw pillows, throw blankets, candles, and new baskets! We hope my mom and all the guests to come enjoy our improvements!



guest bedroom refreshguest bedroom refreshguest bedroom refresh

This post was created in collaboration with Walmart. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting those brands that support Fleurdille.