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walmart grocery delivery service

Do you use a grocery delivery service?

I am such a big fan of walking the aisles of the grocery story (sans kids of course) and casually picking out fresh produce and all our weekly necessities. However, that luxury is not exactly something that works with our current schedule or current climate.

Why I Started Using a Grocery Delivery Service:

Over the past couple of months a lot has changed for our family. Our girls have returned to school, my husband and I have returned to work, and our girls have resumed their after school activities – dance, tumbling, soccer, etc. It seems like with the snap of a finger we went from a fully quarantined life to a full resumption of our normal activities.

There Are Not Enough Hours In The Day:

In a home with two working parents and two kids with days full of learning and activities, our days and weeks can look kind of nutty. My husband and I knew that once we resumed our “normal” schedule, we would need to make adjustments to allow our life to continue to run smoothly.

We were and are excited to jump back into activities, but we are unwilling to return to a stressful schedule. Quarantine taught us the value of putting our family first and choosing to live a life free of stress. So, with our decision to make changes that result in a smoother week, we made some adjustments. One of those adjustments was hiring someone to clean our home at least once a month. The other was utilizing a grocery delivery service.

Safety First:

The other reason we decided to use a grocery delivery service was for safety reasons. With returning to work, school, and activities, we widened our circle quite a bit from what it was this summer. While we are comfortable with our decision to partake in the activities we are doing, we try to minimize extra contact when possible. One of the ways we are trying to do that is by using Walmart’s online and service delivery has it eliminates our need to go into the grocery store.

walmart grocery delivery service

Why We Chose Walmart’s Online Pickup And Delivery:

Walmart Is a One-Stop-Shop For Busy Moms:

When we looked into choosing a grocery delivery service, we wanted to choose a place that could be a one-stop-shop for us. My girls eat two totally different types of lunches (Abby’s school is nut free), and they also have grocery needs for their activities (snacks, gatorade, etc.). I wanted one place that would be able to meet all of our needs so I could do one grocery delivery per week from one place.

The Ease of Ordering:

Oh man, this might be the number one reason we love Walmart’s online pickup and delivery service – it’s so easy! You can definitely order your groceries online, but we use the app. The app is very user friendly and the best part is that it allows me to order our groceries no matter where I am. I can schedule a delivery while I’m at work, on a walk, or at soccer practice. I absolutely love that the process is mobile!

It’s 100% contactless:

As I mentioned before, we’ve already widened our circle quite a bit with school, work, and activities, and we’re trying our best to minimize contact with others when possible. I love that with Walmart’s service delivery I can order it all from my phone and have it delivered right to my doorstep without encountering one human!

NOTE: If you opt to do the pick-up option as opposed to the delivery option, it’s still contactless! You simply pull up to the designated area at your local Walmart and they put your groceries in your car without coming into contact with you!

The Express Option:

I am notorious for picking up the wrong ingredients or forgetting something on our grocery list. Are you? Because of this tendency, we wanted a delivery service that could get to us quickly if needed. You know, for those mornings that you are casually drinking your coffee only to feel the panic set in because you’re snack mom for the soccer game and you don’t have anything to serve. Or for those night that you have invited your in-laws for dinner but have a barren pantry.

Luckily, Walmart has an express option where for a $10 fee you can have your groceries delivered in 2 or fewer hours! We haven’t used this service yet, but I’m sure it’s in our near future!

walmart grocery delivery service

The Nitty Gritty Details of Walmart’s Online Pickup And Delivery:


To qualify for Walmart’s grocery pickup and delivery service you must have a minimum order of $35. There is also a small fee if you choose the delivery option versus the pick-up option. The fee is nominal in my opinion though if you grocery shop for hungry children like our family does.

Fresh Produce:

Y’all, if you know me at all or have been following me for any length of time, you know I totally judge a store by their produce. Fresh produce is a must for us. What I love about Walmart’s grocery delivery is that they have trained their personnel to pick out the freshest produce available. And, even better, if you aren’t satisfied with your produce or groceries, you simply call for a customer refund. Super easy!

Unavailable Items:

It’s bound to happen that a time or two there will be an item you want that is unavailable. Luckily, the Walmart shoppers have been trained to select an equal or better option at no additional cost.

Where Do I Pick Up My Groceries:

Finding the where to go to pick up your groceries is super easy! You will simply go to Walmart’s website or use the app to locate the nearest Walmart Market that is available for pick-up. Once your groceries have been ordered, you will arrive at your local Walmart in the designated area (it’s super easy to find), and they’ll put your groceries in your car!

Our Experience So Far:

So far our experience has been wonderful. The process itself is seamless and has saved us so much time! It’s decreased my stress significantly and allowed me to spend more time with my girls. The food has been quality and the contactless process and delivery has left me feeling safe!

I can say with confidence that Walmart’s grocery delivery service has left me feeling like one happy mama!

walmart grocery delivery service

Some Sweet Treats to Get You In the Fall Mood:


NOTE: $35 minimum and small delivery fee apply. Pickup and Delivery available in select markets.

This post was created in collaboration with Walmart. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting those brands that support Fleurdille.