Fleurdille’s 2022 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

fathers day gifts 2022

Hey, babe!

For all my moms and daughters out there, Father’s Day is less than 2 weeks away! We’ll be in Mexico this year at an all-inclusive resort, so we told Travis he can have anything and everything he wants to eat all day (wink, wink).

In all seriousness, I’m placing Father’s Day gift orders today so we’ll have them in time to take with us. I wanted to create a gift guide for you of items ranging in price, but not quality. I also wanted to suggest gift ideas that I know most guys would like. So, Travis helped me compile a list of items  – most of which he currently owns and swears by!

Personally, I’m grabbing another Vuori shirt for Travis (his favorite athleisure brand) and I’m debating getting this Cocktail Smoker.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2022:

  • PIZZA OVEN – This is an item we don’t currently own, but I think it would be a great splurge gift. This gas powered pizza oven would make pizza night at home so much fun! It’s a fun splurge gift for the guy that already has a good grill and loves to help out in the kitchen.
  • PERSONALIZED GOLF TOWEL – So many men enjoy golfing, and a personalized golf towel is a nice gift; It’s also reasonably priced!
  • VUORI SHIRT – Travis owns several of these shirts and is constantly telling me he wants more. They’re very flattering and maybe the most comfortable thing your dad or husband will ever wear; trust me.
  • VUORI PONTO SHORTSAgain, another item Trav owns in several colors. These shorts are insanely soft. They’re a great knock-around short or athletic short. This would be a top 3 item for Travis.
  • LEATHER OVERNIGHTER – Travis owns a duffel similar to this one. A nice overnighter is a great gift for men – one of those items that every guy wants but may not want to spend his money on. We’ve found that Travis has used his so much.
  • PICKLEBALL SET – If you have an active husband, this would be such a fun gift! Pickleball is a great game for men to play with their wives, their kids, or their friends. We played for the first time recently and absolutely loved it!
  • WATCH BOX – Travis has had this exact watch box for a couple of years now and loves it. It holds 5 watches and you can monogram it!
  • NORTHFACE BACKPACK – A backpack is just something every guys needs. Travis has one similar to this one and travels with it when we fly or stay over night somewhere for just one night. This one has insane reviews and would last the Father in your life a long, long time!
  • LEATHER WALLET – This is such a good brand for leather gifts and my dad and husband both have this exact wallet. It holds up really well over time, can be monogrammed, and is a great slender wallet. We highly recommend it!
  • SOLO STOVE This is another great splurge-worthy gift idea! We have a similar stove, so we don’t have this one, but I feel like so many of our guy friends have these. They’re great, easy to use, and can be used anywhere!
  • BRUMATE SHAKER – I got this for Travis for this birthday this past March and he loves it. It’s pretty enough you can leave it out, too. The cool thing about this shaker is that it doubles as a pint glass. So, you can mix your drink and then drink it straight out of the shaker. Easy peasy!
  • JACK BLACK BODY WASH – my husband, Travis, and his brothers swear by this body wash. It’s a bit pricy, so it’s a nice gift to give. I didn’t get what all the hype was until I tried it – it’s quite nice! It’s refreshing and tingly and smells oh-so-good!
  • COUNTERMAN FACE LOTION – Travis is a long-time fan of this face lotion. He’s used it for over a year and swears by it. It’s kept his skin moisturized well and is unscented – another win in his book.
  • YETI COOLER – we own a cooler similar to this one, but what made us recommend this one was the wheels! Our friend had it this weekend when we were camping and the wheels were a total game changer. It made it so easy to haul even packed full of food and ice.
  • BLUETOOTH SPEAKER – this is one of the best gifts for men I think. Travis uses his bluetooth speaker all the time. We use it at home, when we travel, and outside. This particular one is under $50 and has amazing reviews!
  • ROCKER FOLDING CHAIR – I think I gifted this to Travis last Father’s Day if I’m being honest. It’s a nice upgrade to your typical folding chair. The high back is super supportive, and the rocking aspect is so nice!