Everything You Need to Know About the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It’s that time of year again! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is quickly upon us! Honestly, I feel like the #nsale is Christmas 2.0. It’s like back-to-school shopping for adults. It’s one of, if not the biggest sale of the year and I want to make sure you are fully up-to-date on when to shop, what to shop, and how to shop.


For only a couple weeks, Nordstrom offers shoppers brand new arrivals (both summer and fall included) at eye-popping sale prices. The sale runs for 25 straight days and then, all items shoot back up to original prices.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Early Access: Thursday, July 12 – Thursday, July 19

Public Event: Friday, July 20 – Sunday, August 5



As you can see from above, “early access” runs from July 12th – July 19th. Early Access is the shopping period for Nordstrom card holders only. Early access also has the best items in my opinion. The really good stuff typically goes quickly, so I encourage everyone to become a card holder.


Becoming a card holder is easy to do. You can apply here for either a credit card or a debit card. Personally, I went the debit card route so as not to get myself in too much trouble. Other benefits to being a card holder besides getting early access to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale include the following:

  • earn two points for every dollar spend at Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, HauteLook and Trunk Club
  • get a $40 BONUS NOTE when you’re approved for the card (aka free cash)
  • No annual fee and competitive APRs
  • up to $100 in alterations per year
  • access to 1 triple points day per year



  • become a card holder – items sell out fast and often don’t get restocked
  • schedule your TRIPE POINTS day for when you’ll be shopping the sale – you want to schedule your triple points day for the day you’ll be spending the most money. I typically chose a day during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale as I stock up on Fall staples and try and score some Christmas presents.
  • buy online and pick up in store – early access starts on a Thursday, a work day, so I would recommend buying on line to ensure you get what you want
  • if you want it, buy it – y’all, hear me when I say that items sell out super quickly. So, if there’s something you want buy it immediately. You can always return it.


What to buy is a pretty easy answer for me. This is the time to stock up on Fall items – jeans, sweaters, cardigans, to get designer pieces at a discounted price, and to get some new shoes for Fall. Last year I purchased a lot of staple sweaters and cardigans that I ended up wearing all through Spring. I also got several new neutral booties that I wore constantly.

I also think the sale is a great time to give your workout wear a facelift. I invested in several new pairs of Zella leggings, a couple pieces from Beyond Yoga, and a Northface Jacket.

The one thing I’m kicking myself for returning were the black over-the-knee Stuart Weiztman boots. They were on sale for under $500 and ended up never going on sale again all year. Ugh. Hoping they’re on sale again this year!

Although we don’t know everything that will be part of the sale this year, Nordstrom has given us a little sneak peak. Be sure to check out the men’s and women’s catalog below:

women’s catalog // men’s catalog

Personally, I like to look back at the most popular items from the previous year. It helps me get an idea of what to shop for and it also clues me in on the things that may sell out fast. Below is a list of the most popular items from last year!

Top-selling Product Categories 2017:

  • Sweaters + Cardigans
  • Jeans
  • Tops + Blouses
  • Jackets
  • Shoes
  • Dresses
  • Intimates
  • Purses


  • Instastories – I will be trying on items frequently throughout the sale both at home and in store to give you an idea of how things are fitting and what’s most popular
  • Blog posts – I will be posting both about outfits I have purchased and doing round-ups of the best items for each category
  • SHOP page – under the “shop” tab on my blog, there will be a section dedicated to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with my top picks. It will be updated frequently so that you can shop it easily and quickly
  • A Nordstrom overload – due to the sale being so long, but so good, you can expect to see a decent amount of content related to the sale. This is not only one of the best sales all year, but it’s one of the top earning times for me and most bloggers. So, be patient and also know that I will tailor all things I share to what YOU guys like and will keep it in the price range you like as well ($50-$150).
  • Gratitude – I hope you know how incredibly thankful I am that you turn to me for advice on how to navigate the sale and what to get. I pride myself on being authentic with you all and want to be very clear about this sale. I do get commission when you shop through my Nordstrom Sale links. It’s how I make a living and honestly, it’s a sweet reminder of how supportive you all are and what a great community we have built here. So, I won’t try to get too sappy throughout the sale, but I am so incredibly grateful that you choose to shop with and through me!
  • Personal Shopping – I wish I could meet all of you in person to shop with you, but it would be a bit difficult. I will however help you via the internet as much as you’d like. So, if there’s anything specific you’re looking for, just send me an email with the items you need, your sizes, and your price range!


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