DIY Fall Party


Motherhood is still¬†new territory for me, and I have been richly blessed to have two sweet women and their daughters embark on this journey with me. Andi of Our Beau Monde and I have known each other since college and our girls – Charlee Kate and Emma Grace, have grown up together since birth (I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of their pictures!). I met Liz of Accessory Jane through mutual friends and have loved growing in our friendship¬†and getting to know her precious daughter, Olive. Although all three of us are bloggers, our girls always come first, which got us thinking…what do our girls love to do the most? Play, of course!

So, Andi, Liz, and I are going to be teaming up each month to bring to you different DIY party ideas to recreate with your kids! Entertaining can be so fun, but it can also become pricey and complicated. We are going to strive to bring you simple, affordable ideas for themed parties and special celebrations! Each party will have a pinterest board that you can follow to see where our inspiration came from, and we fully welcome any comments, questions, or ideas you may have!

This month’s party was inspired by our favorite season – Fall, and the holiday every kiddo loves to dress up for – Halloween! For a list of all the activities & decorations, scroll to the bottom of the post! To see what inspired us and for more ideas, check out our pinterest board here.

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1. Flowers – all fresh flowers are nice, but it can get costly – mix some fake flowers in with real ones to save a little $$

2. Candy Station – every kiddo loves candy, so grab a couple of tins, fill them with candy, write “trick-or-treat” on a chalkboard, and voil√†! You have a candy station!

3. Bobby for apples – fill a tin, tub, or bowl with water, add apples and have you little ones bob for apples!

4. Table scape – we used plates and napkins we already had, then the ever-so-crafty, Andi, used fallen tree branches to name name plates and a candle stick holder; we also used a combination of real pumpkins, painted pumpkins (that we painted ourselves), and fake pumpkins for decor.

5. Tables – for tables, we just pushed two benches from the Olive Bench together and used crates for seats. Adding fall colored pillows would be a cute addition for seat cushions!

6. Costumes – we created all of our costumes ourselves; the little ones were cats and the only thing we had to purchase were the ears and cat tails, which were under $5. If you’re talented (unlike me) at sewing, then the Madeline costume might be a fun project for you!

Be sure to check out accessoryjane.com and ourbeaumonde.com to see more pictures from our Fall Party!

xo – anna, emma grace, & co.