Pumpkin patch: now and then



and then…


There are some days when you realize how something so small and sweet as a friendship can be such a huge blessing to you as a parent. Emma Grace and Charlee Kate of Our Beau Monde have been friends since they were born and it has been so fun to watch them interact and become best friends. I cherish each and every moment they share together from pulling each other’s hair, to swim lessons, to learning how to hug and high five each other, to the cutest/newest development – learning to say each other’s names.

We loved getting to explore the arboretum’s pumpkin patch with CK today just as much as we did last October! It was still a bit warm last weekend, so we decided to wear a floral print denim dress (for under $20) and our new favorite moccasin brand: avrieblue. Avriebleu is an etsy shop, but they sell on instagram, too, and it’s super easy to purchase them. You simply type your email address under the picture of the moccasins you want on instagram and an invoice is sent directly to you! The reasons we love these moccasins are their trendy look, they’re well made, and they are very reasonably priced!


side note: this pictures pretty much sums up how we spent about 80% of the time in the pumpkin patch…I’ve got my hands full…;)

target denim dress | target denim vest – old (similar, simlar) | avrieblue mocs

xo – anna & emma grace