DIY Christmas Card Holder


Decorating for Christmas has to be one of my favorite things about the holiday season. I love how warm and cozy it makes your home feel! Now that we have a house, I have inspired to do more DIY projects and decorations. One thing I have struggled with each year is how to properly display all of my Christmas cards. In years past I have just put a large basket on my coffee table and put all of the cards in it for guests to go through while sitting in our living room. However, that doesn’t really do the beautiful cards justice. So, this year I found the cutest idea to try. I outlined a door frame in garland, added a couple bows and some gold clips, and clipped each card to the garland. It displays the cards perfectly for guests to see and it’s fun to look at when we’re relaxing at home. I think this is definitely something we will be repeating next year! Oh, and this barely cost me a dime!

decorating tip: we used artificial garland, but real garland would smell wonderful; buy plain clothespins and spray paint them to match your Christmas decor

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xo – anna