The Collagen Supplement That Will Give You The Best Results

collagen supplement for women

Happy Monday, babes! Can you believe Christmas is just 4 days away? We’re already in full-on Christmas mode with my family in Colorado. While I’m letting myself indulge in some sweet treats and festive drinks, I’m planning on keeping up with some of my healthier habits. Habits such as my daily workouts, morning walks, and staying consistent with my supplements.

In fact, since quarantine started, I have tried to focus on making my daily routine healthier. One of the areas I’ve focused on was making my hair and nails as strong and healthy as possible. I started investing in products like hair masks and such to take care of myself. I also started taking a collagen supplement. I do have and use collagen powder, but I recently found a collagen supplement in the form of pills that boasts of better results and is easier to take!

collagen supplement for women

Multi Collagen Plus:

As a mom of two young girls, any product that makes my life easier is something I’m going to look into. I mean, let’s be honest, taking a couple pills takes less time than mixing collagen powder into a drink or smoothie, which means more time with my girls. So, when I heard about the Multi Collagen Plus pills, I went into full on research mode.

The first place I looked to for more information was Amazon. I love reading Amazon reviews because I feel like that’s where you get to hear from real people. When I looked up this collagen supplement, I was honest shocked. It has over 25,000 positive reviews! Some of the before/after pics are truly amazing. There are also testimonies from people with arthritis that have experienced reduced joint pain or women who suffered from hair loss that are now seeing new hair growth. This is honestly what won me over.

Upon further research though, I found that so many people boasted of the fact that this product uses 5 types of collagen and not just one or two like your typical collagen powder. I also liked that this product was created by Dr. Emil, a doctor holding degrees in both medicine and Sports + Exercise Science.

collagen supplement for women

Benefits of the Pill:

  • 5 different types of collagen (I, II, III, V, X)
  • absorbs faster and better
  • high-dose lends quick results
  • manufactured in US
  • non-GMA, free of gluten, dairy and hormones

Benefits of collagen:

  • supports healthy bones and joints
  • aids in digestion and gut health
  • makes your hair, skin, and nails stronger and healthier

collagen supplement for women

Why I’m excited to take it:

Personally, I am so pumped to try this new product. So far I have been taking it for about a week and I love it. I don’t any negative side effects like bloating and I am able to take it quickly and easily. I’m excited to see how it helps my nails grow stronger, my hair grow longer, and hopefully it will decrease my knee pain.

I would love to hear if you’ve tried this product and I’ll continue to keep you updated on how I’m loving it 1-3 months from now!

If you have a health-conscious person in your life, I wanted to give you a heads up that it’s on major sale right now on Amazon and it will arrive by Christmas!

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