BUMPDATE: 40 weeks and counting

Good morning! After what seems like the slowest last couple of weeks, we are headed to the hospital to induce baby #2! Emma Grace was induced at 41 weeks, too, so I guess my womb is quite the cozy little nook for my babies. Anyway, I sit here on the eve of becoming a family of 4 and am just so giddy to meet our little girl and to see how Emma Grace will react to being a big sister!

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I told Trav (my hubby) the other night that I’ve known since as long as I can remember that the one thing I wanted more than anything else in life was to be a mother and God blessing me with two little girls to raise is just a dream come true!

As we welcome our baby girl I hope you’ll enjoy reading through my last bumpdate and we just so appreciate all of your kind words or encouragement and prayer during this pregnancy!

the bumpdate:

  • how far along: 40 weeks, 4 days
  • how big is the baby:¬†during our sonogram yesterday morning, they estimated #2 to weigh about 7 lbs 9 oz…we’ll see! Emma Grace was 7 lbs 7 oz, so I bet they’re pretty close
  • am i still nesting?¬†Definitely. Except now, I’ve recruited my husband to nest with me. I’m sure you’ve seen from instagram and/or snapchat (fleurdille) that I¬†convinced¬†Travis repaint all of our bedroom furniture. I’ve also been super eager to start decorating for Fall, but I can’t tell if that’s just my nesting instincts or the fact that Fall is my favorite season.
  • mood:¬†Super excited and happy! I will be the first to admit that I’ve been a little on the “bummed out” side the past couple of weeks just from feeling tired and slow and thinking baby would have already been here, but knowing we will be meeting her within hours has me giddy! I still can’t imagine how I will love another baby as much as Emma Grace, but every mom out there tells me that the second you set eyes on your next little one your heart swells and you love them equally as much! I can’t wait for that feeling.
  • how am I sleeping?:¬†Sleeping? What’s that? I’m not sleeping great, but ever since I added my Bellifly pillow, I have been sleeping better in between waking up to use the bathroom.
  • how is the baby positioned?:¬†She is still head down and I am 4 cm dilated, so we’re hoping that makes for an easy induction!
  • is baby#2 active in the womb?:¬†Yes. She’s not nearly as active as her older sister was, but she enjoys kicking my ribs frequently.
  • have we decided on a middle name yet?: No.¬†My girlfriends text me regularly inquiring about the “middle name battle” between my husband and me, but we’ve got nothing still; Trav and I are still in a stalemate. Here’s to hoping #2 has a middle name before we leave the hospital!
  • am I still really wearing heels?¬†No. I went to a shower a couple of weeks ago and wore flats and told my husband that I don’t think I’ve ever attended a shower wearing flats and not heels. It felt weird, but was so comfortable! I’ve been living in Yosi Samra flats and my Tory Burch slippers. ūüôā
  • nursery:¬†Everything is set up and ready to welcome home our baby girl! The nursery is cleaned, clothes are washed, and all of our baby products are out, set up and clean! Come onnnn #2!
  • dad:¬†Trav is just as excited to meet our little angel and last night he told me he was ready for his wife back, too. Hm… jk! He explained by saying that he’s used to me being active and peppy and he’s ready for me to stop going to bed early and being so tired! I’m ready, too!
  • emma grace:¬†we think she’s excited and are anxious to see how she will react to seeing #2!
  • product of the week:¬†The product of the week this week is¬†my new favorite nursing bra. The Cosabella nursing bras are comfortable, well-made, and sexy!
  • what will I bring to the hospital?¬†You can check out my post here on what to bring for baby and my post here on what to pack for mom!
  • do we think we will deliver on time? early? late?:¬†Well, it’s no secret that #2 is taking her sweet little time, but hopefully we’ll get to meet her today!
  • our prayer:¬†Our prayer today is for a safe delivery for me and for baby and for a happy, healthy baby!

xx – anna