reader favorites: best and worst products of 2020

best products of 2020

One of my favorite things to do on Instagram is to connect with you all. Whether it’s in my DMs, in the comments of a post, or from an instastory poll, I love getting to know you guys more! As we rang in the new year I asked you guys a couple of questions on stories. I wanted to know what were the best products and the worst products you purchased in 2020. I wanted to hear what your favorite Christmas gift was and what your number one resolution was, too!

Why? We have such a great community of women here at Fleurdille and I think we can always learn something beneficial from one another. Whether it’s the best beauty product to try or parenting advice, we all have something to bring to the table.

So, first of all, thank you for taking time to share with me. I have compiled the most common responses below and tried to find links for as much as I could. If you didn’t have time to give your input prior to this post, feel free to drop a line in the comments!

Reader Favorites – The Best And Worst Products of 2020

Favorite Item You Purchased in 2020:

  • Outdoor heat tower – socially distance appropriate! : I love this idea and I think so many people invested in these in 2020! If you’re in the market, this one has great reviews!
  • Amazon daily ritual jeans – I was intrigued to see this one! I hadn’t heard of these, but definitely added them to my cart!
  • Peloton – Oh man, how many people got Pelotons? We didn’t (we’re not cycling people), but I downloaded the app to run with and love it!
  • Percussion massage gun – we ordered this massager from Amazon during 2020, but I think we may have to try a massage gun, too! This one has a five-star rating on Amazon and over 11,000 reviews!
  • Bounce house for kids – one of the best things to have if you have little kids and pretty reasonable price-wise, too! This one is currently on sale and rated really well – blow it up inside or out!
  • LLC – go you guys!!! Love hearing and seeing women live out their dreams!
  • Home gym equipment – amen to this! We didn’t add too many pieces to our home gym, but we are debating getting a bench and a cordless jump rope.
  • Wine – boy is this a popular one! We most definitely spent our fair share of money wine and prosecco. It took a village (and lots of beverages) to get through 2020!
  • New mattress – we need a new mattress too! We are about to order this one from Amazon of all places. It has insane reviews and the price is unbeatable..
  • Thrive brilliant eye brightener – I haven’t heard of this product before, but it looks amazing!
  • A car potty for toddlers – we never did this, but have friends that sweat by keeping a potty in the car for road trips and athletic practices.
  • Breville espresso machine – we need to jump on the band wagon. This one is a bit smaller, but more affordable.
  • BC overnight resurfacing peel – hands down the one beauty product I recommend above all others. It will transform your skin!
  • Revlon blow dryer brush – this is a long time favorite of mine. It dries your hair so fast and round brushes it at the same time!
  • Tory Burch miller sandals – I swear by these flats. I’ve had a pair for years and they wear so well. The thing that really sold me on the Miller flats was wearing them for 10 days in Italy and not having a single blister!

Least Favorite Item You purchased in 2020:

  • Amazon sweaters for tall girl – I will try and do better about sharing options for all body types. I am super short waisted and know that things fit me differently than most.
  • Fresh rose toner – I’m interested to know which brand!
  • An expensive handbag – oh man, how many of us had a bag or an outfit or some fun heels we loved that we couldn’t wear in 2020?
  • Birthday invites when couldn’t have a bday – this makes me sad. I think all parents grieve for their kids not being able to have the celebrations they dreamed of.
  • Masks – Lordy, I can’t wait until masks go out of style…;)
  • Monat products – too pricey – I have never tried their products, but don’t think I could justify the cost.
  • Gal Meets Glam dress – overhyped; I haven’t purchased any of her line, but I’m interested to see if I think the quality justifies the cost.

Favorite Christmas gift:

#1 resolution for 2021:

  • be more joyful
  • be more present
  • build confidence
  • spend less, save more
  • daily time in the word
  • pray more
  • new adventures
  • stay present
  • read more
  • appreciate more
  • exercise
  • new job

What You Want to See MORE of Here:

These responses are always so helpful for me to see. I definitely take all of these to heart.

  • language shift from NEED to “if you want”
  • home decor ideas
  • great sales
  • trader joes hauls
  • clean alcohol
  • quick, simple ways to stay in charge of your happiness

What You Want to See LESS of in 2021:

Not a lot of you said what you wanted to see less of, but the one I resonated with was requesting a shift in language. To shift away from saying this like “gotta try this,” “must have” or “obsessed with,” because we don’t always “need” something new. I totally agree with this and plan to try and language talking about what makes that product worthwhile if you are in the market for that product.