The Best Car Seat That Is Portable And Safe

mifold best portable car seat

Constantly on the search for the best car seat? Me too!

As Emma Grace gets older we have quickly realized the need to have more than one car seat. Why? Carpooling of course!

More and more we’re finding ourselves in situations where a friend asks if they can take Emma home to play or bring her home from tumbling. The question that usually follows such a request is “do you need me to drop off an extra booster or her carseat?” As I ask I cringe because y’all, it is hard as hell to get those 5 point harness carseats unfastened; especially in the heat of summer.

Well, several weeks ago we were introduced to the Mifold Portable Booster Seat and we have already dubbed it the best car seat for growing girls and boys!

mifold best portable car seatmifold best portable car seat

The Mifold Grab-And-Go Booster:

Y’all, this portable booster seat is a major game changer and something I swear every mom needs to have. For one, it’s under $40! Secondly, it is so crazy compact that it easily fits in your child’s backpack or even your tote bag!

I think the fact that it’s so compact and so easy to use is what really sold me. If we ever have a situation where Emma Grace is going home with a friend after school, all we have to do is pop the booster seat into her backpack. It won’t weigh her down and it will make it so easy on the mom driving her!

It unfolds so easily, too, that your little one will be able to do it on their own.

How It Works:

The Mifold Grab-And-Go Booster Seat folds up compactly to store. When you want to use it, you simply unwrap the strap and unfold the booster. Then there are two red buttons you push on the front to pull out wings to the width of your child.

Once your child sits down, you thread the bottom bar of the seat belt through slots on each side. Next you feed the top strap through the red clasp and adjust it to your child’s height for maximum safety.

mifold best portable car seat

The 411:

  • made for children 4+
  • designed for 40-100 lbs and 40-57 inches tall
  • compact, safe & portable
  • meets & exceeds regulatory standards for booster seats – USA: NHTSA FMVSS 213
  • perfect for carpooling, traveling, taxis, car sharing, rentals, older kids or fitting 3 in a row
  • 10 in x 5 in x 2 in
  • 1.6 lbs
  • set up time: 30 seconds

How We Plan to Use Our Mifold:

We plan on using our Mifold Booster Seat in two ways. First, we plan on using it when Emma Grace is carpooling with other families to and from activities. She has several after school activities like tumbling and soccer where moms take turns bringing the girls home. Having her own, compact booster seat will be such a benefit to the mom driving her!

The other way we plan on using our portable booster is when we travel via plan. Flying with a giant car seat to have on your tirp is such a pain. I love that we can slip this portable booster in our carry-on bag and then use it for Uber rides at our new destination.

mifold best portable car seatmifold best portable car seat


** Please note that I fully believe kids should stay in a 5 point harness car seat as long as possible as recommended by our pediatrician. I know the folks over at Mifold share this same belief. While we plan on staying in our 5 point harness car seat for as long as the girls will fit, our Mifold booster is perfect for carpooling and traveling.

mifold best portable car seat


This post was created in collaboration with mifold. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting those brands that support Fleurdille.