Bath time Buddies

Having journeyed through several “stages” of bath time now that Emma is 9 months, I thought we would share some of our favorite bath products and accessories. We are by no means promoting any business or products, we are simply stating our favorites! I am well aware too, that different things work for different babies and families. But, I do hope you will find something you can try with your little one or even gift to someone at the next baby shower you attend (I feel like I’m going to more and more baby showers these days).



Our favorite shampoo is hands down the 2-in-1 hair and body wash by Noodle & Boo. A young mommy turned me onto this product before Emma was even born saying that she had used this on her kids for years. While we have nothing against other brands like Johnson’s baby shampoo (we even use this from time to time), we absolutely love how gentle Noodle & Boo products are and how fabulous they smell!

noodle and boo

Image via Nordstrom.com

I have typically bought these products from local boutiques, but I found out they sell them at Nordstrom and Amazon as well.


Our favorite product for the newborn stage is the PUJ bathtub. I’ve heard mommies swear by this product and warn against it. Again, this product worked well for us, but each baby and family is different. We liked how easily it fit into the sink, how soft it was against Emma’s skin, and how easily the water would drain and not overflow. It’s also very light and easy to store away.


Image via puj.com.

You can find this product at Buybuybaby, Nordstrom and Amazon.



This can be a hard stage when your baby is too big for the sink, but not yet strong enough to sit up. One of our good friends introduced us to one of our favorite baby products of all time, the Anglecare Baby Bath Support. We loved this product because it allowed Emma to be propped up, it gave her the ability to kick her feet and move around more, the tiny holes allowed water to surround her and keep her warm, and plastic material where the baby lays prevents them from slipping down. If you only try one of our favorite products, then try this one!


Image via target.com

I purchased ours off of Amazon, but you can get them at Target, too (they come in pink or blue!).


This stage was difficult at first too. When your  baby first learns to sit, but isn’t completely stable, it’s hard to determine what the safest option is for bathtime. We actually stumbled across this inflatable bathtub in a frenzy to find something for Emma to bathe in. Although it seemed cheap at first glance, we quickly fell in love with it! Because it is filled with air, it prevents injury, the small space keeps their toys handy, and the awesome piece that goes between their legs helps to keep them propped up.


Image via amazon.com

You can find this product at Diapers.com for under $13!


We have loved our “Bath Luv” friends from our newborn stage all the way up until now! This product was gifted to us and we’re obsessed. We now have a frog and a butterfly. We love this product because it it lays perfectly on your baby’s stomach and keeps him or her warm while bathing, and even though we’re sitting on our own now, we love it to suck on while we’re teething. 😉


Image via Bed Bath & Beyond.

You can find this product at Buybuybaby.

We are now more stable and currently take baths with simply a bath mat, but haven’t found a favorite. If you have something you use, I’d love to hear from you! We hope you enjoyed today’s post and found something you like!

xo – Anna & Emma