Baby Shower Gifts Under $50


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If there’s one thing that will stand out in your 20s, 30s and even 40s, it’s baby showers! If you already have kids, this type of shower doesn’t seem daunting. After all, you’ve had kids and you know the things your kiddos liked. But, if you don’t have kids, then you may find yourself at a loss of what to get a baby these days. I remember the first baby shower I went to before Emma Grace and even though there was a registry, so much of it was foreign to me. Do you get a practical gift like a diaper pail or a monogrammed onesie? Truth be told, you probably know the mother-to-be the best and can judge if she would prefer something cutesy and fun or something she’ll use every day. Nonetheless, there is still a ton out there to choose from. So, I’ve listed my favorite baby items below in hopes to help you out! Oh, and all are under $50!

bath time: we love this angelcare bath tub as it allows the baby to feel the water & gives him the freedom to kick his feet; this boon frog bath scoop has been a lifesaver for me – all you do it scoop up all your bath toys at the end of the bath and hang it on the wall; these foam animal characters are a great way to learn the animals and their different sounds – as a speech therapist, I’m all about incorporating language into any and every activity; eek! I could not rave enough about this product: we LOVE noodle & boo shampoo – it smells so good and is super gentle on your baby’s skin and eyes!

bed time: when it comes to swaddling, the ollie wrap takes the cake on easiest swaddle & best reviews for calming a baby; this etsy shop, littlebunches, has the cutest swaddle blankets; who could resist a personalized swaddle blanket?; wubbanubs were our favorite pacifiers – the cute little animals make for something fun for the baby to hold onto

feeding: if the mom-to-be is breastfeeding, these breast milk storage bags will come in handy for sure; a breastfeeding pillow is not only beneficial for breastfeeding mommies, but for nap time for newborns and helping your little one sit up as well; nursing covers came in major handy for me even when breastfeeding in the Nordstrom bathroom (tip: this is the cleanest bathroom in the mall and has a nursing area); sophie the giraffe is a bit hit with babies and this teether and/or teether toy are definitely essentials; if your mom-to-be is going to formula feed, then you HAVE to get the mixie bottle – you put your measured out formula in the bottom and water on top, and then push the bottom in when you’re ready to mix it!

diaper changing time: LittleBunches – a favorite etsy shop, has adorable diaper clutch sets;

clothing: Little Highbury has adorable headbands and newborn caps; the sprouted arrow and little foot clothing co are two of my go-to shops for adorable, comfortable clothing,

let’s go on a walk: the mommy hook is a must-have for one’s stroller – I used it countless times to hold my purse or shopping bags

xo – anna & emma grace