Baby Products: My new favorites!

pink flamingo baby suit

This past weekend my little family and I spent a long weekend at the lake for our second annual Bears, Babes and Babies trip. If you’re a little confused at the title, let me explain…my husband’s fraternity brothers and him all married Baylor girls and we’ve all taken trips together every year since we graduated. Only recently when babies started to enter the picture did we create an annual trip that includes the babies! It gets a little crazy, but it’s a whole lot of fun, too!

One of my favorite things about being around other mommies is finding out what their favorite baby products are. I mean, there’s absolutely no way I have the answer to this parenting thing, so I feel like watching other moms and what they use and love only help me on this crazy adventure! So, I’ve rounded up all the new baby products favorite my friends are currently using and why they love them!

Banana Teether: 

How cute is this teether? If you follow me on snapchat (username: fleurdille), then you probably saw me freaking out about this product last week. While standing in line at Babies’R’Us, I literally had 2 moms go on and on about this teether and how they liked it better than any other teethers out there. I then had several friends swear by this product. One follower even told me it comes in a corn stalk, too. How cute!?

Baby Shusher:

Any of you guilty of standing next to your babies crib, patting your baby’s bum, and saying “shhhhh” over and over until he/she falls asleep? I am! My friend, Stia, of Bishop and Holland told me about the Baby Shusher – a machine that makes the “shhh” sound and she claims it works wonders! We’re definitely about to invest!

Joovy Walker:

This was gifted to us by my mom a couple of weeks ago and we are obsessed. Abby hasn’t shown a huge interest in crawling, but we love that with the walker she has the freedom to roam around and try to chase Emma Grace. The best part about this walker is that is has a removable tray on it, so you can feed your little one, take the tray off and clean it, and put it right back!

Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat:

This seat is perfect if your baby is in that stage where he cant quite sit up on their own yet. The top of the chair hits the baby right under his arms so it keeps him upright without him falling over if he isn’t strong enough to sit on his own. We even saw our friends use this as a high chair! Big money saver!

Float with Sun Canopy:

We had this for Emma Grace and loved it and just bought a new one for Abby. We like that the baby sits low in it, so there’s no fear of the baby leaning over and falling out. We also love that it’s shaded so your little one isn’t getting burnt by the sun!

I’m sure I’ve missed some new products, so please share your favorite in the comments! I’d love to hear!

xx – anna