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Good morning and happy Tiny Tuesday! It has been so hard for me to contain my excitement for today’s post because I have found THE coolest gadget for babies!

So, let’s get down to business. Whether it’s your first night home from the hospital or a month down the road, the first time you move your baby into her nursery to sleep alone can be terrifying. Sure, it’s healthy and natural and will give you and your significant other some much needed alone time, but let’s not joke for one second that you get next to no sleep that first night. I felt like I was wide awake all night, constantly tip-toeing down the hall to see if Abby was still breathing then heading back to my bed only to sleep with our video monitor right by my ear. Not too restful, eh?

Of course your nerves ease as time goes on, but it seems like with each developmental stage the same fears surface: can my baby breath? Is her airway being blocked by a blanket? Did she roll over on her tummy and block her mouth/nostrils? Did she roll against the bumpers? The list goes on.

So what does every good mom do? We go get a video monitor. Y’all, video monitors are great. We have used our motorola video monitor with both girls and love that we can watch what they’re doing, hear them, and even talk to them, but where they lack is in the ability to tell you if your baby is still breathing.

I remember when Emma Grace was born we bought a vitals monitor that slipped under the crib mattress, but it had so many wires connected to it that we ended up not using it for safety reasons. After much research, we did not find a better option at the time, so we just stuck with our video monitor.

Well, thanks to technology, things are different this go around with Abigail! The Owlet Baby Vitals Monitor was just released and even as a more laid back mom, I can say with confidence that this is the monitor every mom needs. It’s a wireless sock that measures your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate without being a safety issue.

There is so much I love about this monitor I don’t even know where to begin…

dallas blogger, owelet monitor


1. The monitor has 3 pieces: a base station, a sock for your baby’s [left] foot, and an app

2. The monitor uses pulse oximetry to measure your baby’s heart rate and oxygen saturation

3. The sock sends vitals via bluetooth to your base station which then relays information to your app for you to view

4. If your baby’s heart rate dips below 60 beats per minute or rises above 220 beats per minute OR if their oxygen level dips below 80 percent an alert is sent to your app and an alarm will go off

5. The monitor is compatible with any apple product – iPhone, iPad, iPod; it is not compatible with androids at this time

6. No batteries are needed. You charge the sock via the base station during the day.

7. More than one smartphone can access your baby’s information.

For more FAQs, click here.

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The app:

One of my favorite things about the app is how user friendly it is. The app has clearly defined instructions for set up & use. Even I couldn’t mess it up!

The app comes with instructional videos that outline the set-up, how to connect your device to wifi, and it talks you through the following scenarios for your first time use:

1. where to place base station

2. perfect monitoring scenario

3. how to reduce false alerts

4. how your base station tells you your child’s status

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The sock:

–  fits babies 0 – 18 months

–  comes in 3 sizes to grow with your baby

– is very soft and does not leave a permanent mark on your baby

– is so small that it can fit under footed pajamas and socks

– is washable: simply remove the technology and toss it in the wash

dallas blogger, owlet monitor, baby monitor, fleurdille

The app will give you two types of alerts:

1. non-monitoring alerts: the base station will let you know if its connection is lost or if it can’t get a good read due to an issue such as your baby moving too much

2. vital signs alerts: abnormal heart rate or oxygen levels for an extended period of time; don’t panic immediately if you get a “red alert,” simply check on your baby and notify your doctor

So, where can you get the Owlet Monitor? You can purchase this monitor right from their website, and if you click here you can get $10 off your monitor! Happy shopping and please, please feel free to email me with any questions! We’ve been using ours for weeks and would be happy to chat with you about it!

xx – anna

This post is brought to you by Owlet. All opinions are my own.