The Best Athleisure for Toddlers

Practical and trendy athletic clothing for your toddler. Invest in athletic clothing that's affordable, on-trend, and can be worn indoors or outdoors!

Happy Tiny Tuesday! We’re so glad you stopped by the blog today! One of my husband and my favorite things to watch as our girls get older is how their personalities begin to unfold. We love to watch and learn how their interests change and develop over time. After my trip with the girls to Wisconsin a couple of weeks ago we discovered a major interest for Emma Grace – running. She¬†loves¬†to run¬†and she’s actually good at it, y’all! Good for a 4 year old that is, haha. So today we rounded up some of Emma Grace’s favorite toddler athletic clothing.

When shopping for toddler athletic clothing, it needs¬†to satisfy 3 things. First, it must be practical. Emma Grace should be able to run and play outside in her athletic wear and it should hold up. Secondly, it should be on trend. I want it to fit Emma Grace’s personal style, which basically means pink. Lastly, we both want it to be comfortable. Toddler athletic clothing needs to¬†be comfortable enough to wear while playing indoors or napping.

Two of our favorite brands for toddler athletic clothing are part of this¬†roundup. We love Nike shoes and have since our girls were babies. Nike shoes for toddlers fit like a sock; they’re comfortable and they’re sturdy enough for new and experienced walkers. We also included our other favorite brand – Zella Girl. Zella is my personal favorite athletic brand for it’s comfort, quality and price point, and the same reasons ring true for their little girl sizes.

Do you guys have any favorite toddler athletic clothing? Do you have a favorite brand? If you live in Dallas, where is your favorite places to take your kids to run? We love finding new places!

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