Must Have Back to School Supplies for Toddlers


Happy Tiny Tuesday, friends! Thanks for stopping by today! Since my girls officially started school this week (well, a new school that is), I thought we’d dedicate today’s post to share with you some of the amazing back to school items we got and why we are loving them!

Our girls are attending a montessori school that’s uber close to our house (insert happy dance here), and their list of school supplies was fairly specific. Emma Grace – primary – wears a uniform and Abigail – toddler – wears solid color clothing, so we left out “back-to-school” clothes from this post as we didn’t think it would apply very much.

Anyway, from lunch boxes to backpacks, we had quite the list to fulfill. As you can tell, most of the items we got were pink and/or purple as those are the girls’ favorite colors. Almost everything we listed however comes in boy and gender neutral colors. So, keep on scrolling and check out what we got!


  1. Water Bottle – one of the requirements for our girls was to bring a water bottle (that they could open) to school every day. We found some awesome stainless steel ones with a straw and flip top that both girls were able to open. It also disassembles pretty easily, which helps on the cleaning front.
  2. Velcro Shoes (for Abby) – one requirement for Abigail was to wear tennis shoes and for them to be velcro so that she can take them on and off herself. The idea behind this is to increase independence and work on some of those fine motor skills. We love this all white pair that goes with pretty much every outfit and can be worn by girls or boys!
  3. Crocs – the crocs serve two purposes for our girls. Firstly, they will be using these as their gardening shoes at school when they work in the garden. Secondly, when Abby starts potty training she will wear crocs during the day as they are way easier to clean if she has an accident (smart, right?). If your school doesn’t require these, they’re so great to have at home! My girls love theirs!
  4. Nap Mat – both girls needed a nap mat this year and y’all, there are so many nap mats out there! Luckily, a sweet friend recommended these from Amazon. They are AWESOME! Y’all, they have a built in blanket that’s bit enough to fit my 4 year old and they’re so easy to roll up and to wash. Get ya one!
  5. Lunch Box – when price shopping lunch boxes, we were finding that most of them were around the same price so we decided to go with our favorites from Pottery Barn. Since everything has to be labeled for school anyway, we loved that we could personalize their lunch boxes. These are great too because the inside is easy to clean and it’s structured, so it holds a lot!
  6. Lunch Storage – for now my girls are using zip locks, but we will be using these stainless steel dividers as soon as they can open them themselves. Our girls have to be able to open everything in their lunch box on their own, so this part is a work in progress for us! 🙂
  7. Backpack – although this grey canvas backpack is my favorite, we all know kids like anything and everything colorful! So, this year our girls are carrying pink and purple seersucker backpacks with their names on them.

Hope y’all learned something and please share with us your favorite back-to-school products!