A Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Every Woman

Celebrate this Mother's Day by giving your mom a gift she'll use and cherish. This Mother's Day gift guide has something for everyone!

Happy Tuesday, sweet friends! Mother’s Day is coming up and let’s face it, most men are probably freaking out right now. I don’t know why men feel like buying for women is so hard, but they do! I usually start getting texts from my dad about this time wanting ideas of things my mom likes. At about this same time Travis starts dropping hints to see if I’ll saying anything specific I’ve been wanting.

The truth is – at least for me – buy me some flowers and write me a nice letter and that’s a great start! Anything else is just an added bonus. That being said, I’ve created a Mother’s Day Gift Guide that I truly do think any mom would like. These are items that are neutral, will last a long time, and are probably items the “mom” in your life wouldn’t buy for herself. So, feel free to pass this post along to your hubby if he needs some help!

Mother's Day is right around the corner and moms can be hard to shop for! This Mother's Day Gift Guide has something for every mom!

I thought it would be fun to share my personal Mother’s Day gift guide with you all, too! My list is truly a random mix of items, which is probably indicative of my life – a little bit of everything! From refills of my favorite items to new items, I’ve kind of covered it all!

I figured some of you might want to know why I put each item on my list, so below I’m giving a little snippet for each item.

  • TULA Cleanser – this is my absolute favorite cleanser! It is the only cleanser I have found to date that is soft on my skin and actually takes off all of my eye make-up without having to rub hard at all. Use code “FLEURDILLE” too, for 20% off!
  • PJs – I am always in the market for cute, acceptable PJs to wear around my girls and this little blush set it just precious.
  • Eyeglasses  with BlueReflect Lenses – the amount of time I spend on a digital device is too embarrassing to admit. By the time night hits, my eyes start to strain, so one of my early Mother’s Day presents was actually a pair of eyeglasses with BlueReflect lenses. So far I love them! ps – get 30% off your pair of Coastal glasses with code: FLEURDILLE. 
  • Adidas shoe – I’ve been eyeing these blush shoes for awhile now because I think they’d be cute with denim shorts and a white tee.
  • Fuzzy socks – did you know I sleep with fuzzy socks every night? I sure do! So, fuzzy socks are always a great gift for me!
  • Too Faced make-up palette – how amazing is this palette. I am dying to get this for the blush and illuminating factor. I feel like it would be easy and give a dewy, summer look with minimal effort.
  • Laptop cover – I probably won’t get this because Trav and I share a laptop, but in my perfect world I would have this one.
  • Babe Lash mascara – this is my go-to day mascara. It’s great and doesn’t clump up!
  • Polaroid Camera – I love taking pictures, but rarely print pictures. I’ve been thinking about getting a polaroid to get pics in the moment.
  • Hiking shorts – we’re gearing up for some short and long camping trips this summer and I am eager for some hiking-specific shorts. I love the nude color of this pair!