7 Affordable Ways to Decorate Your House for the Holidays

grey and tan thanksgiving pillows

Decorating for the holidays is one of my very favorite things to do. I especially like decorating for fall and Christmas. The decorations seems to make our home feel especially warm and inviting. A well-decorated home makes me eager to be home, sitting with a coffee in my hand, and just relaxing in the living room or back porch with my family. Anybody else feel this way?

Last week Travis smiled when he walked in the door after work to a home full of pumpkin everything. He smiled and told me that he had just had a conversation with Emma Grace about how much her mother loved to decorate for the holidays. He told her it brought me immense joy and therefore made him happy. I thought that was so precious that he talked with sweet Emma about something that does bring me joy.

Thankfully, I have passed down my love for holiday decorating to at least one of my daughters. Emma Grace loves to decorate our house. In fact, she may even like it more than I do. But, because it’s not always cheap to decorate your house, I’ve put together 7 easy ways to decorate your house for the holidays!

7 affordable ways to decorate your house

  1. accent pillows – change out your accent pillows on your beds and your couches. This is such an easy way to decorate and often the pillows you buy will work year after year. Personally, I am loving this pillow and this pillow for fall.
  2. throw blankets – just like pillows, this is an easy way to add some holiday cheer. I typically have one or two festive throws for my living room and one I drape at the end of my bed. I think this plaid throw is perfect for fall and looks so cozy!
  3. swap photos – this is something I started doing a couple of years ago and it’s so fun! Swap out the photos around your house for fall-themed photos from years prior. It’s so fun to be reminded of old memories and it really ties your room together.
  4. use nature – use what’s in your yard! Take branches with leaves or flowers from your garden to put in vases. Use fallen leaves, acorns, or pecans in vases as decor. This is a great way to get your kids involved in decorating, too.
  5. frame kids’ art – this is another thing I started doing a couple of years ago. Frame your kids’ art to display around your home or in their rooms. It’s fun to see what they create. If you don’t have work from school yet, you can have your kids paint or create work for you. Just give them the colors that work with your theme and let them loose!
  6. set your table – you always see the most beautiful tablescapes in magazines for the holidays, right? It seems wrong though that we only create these beautiful tablescapes once a season. So, I set my table and leave the place settings out all season long. Use your own plates and then you can accent with festive napkins, napkin rings, or salad plates.
  7. candles – I’m betting this is everyone’s favorite way to decorate. It’s definitely mine because it makes such a big impact! Everyone has their favorite seasonal candles, and my advice to save money on seasonal candles is this: at the end of each season grab candles on sale. My mom taught me this and it’s such a good tip. Get them on sale, store them for next year, and then you have a new set of never-been-used seasonal candles to use. You can also do things like changing out your counter spray. The Meyer’s Pumpkin Scented Surface Cleaner is to die for! It’s definitely an incentive to keep your kitchen clean!