30th Birthday & 30 Facts about me!

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Ah! I cannot believe I’m 30 years old today. It’s so crazy to think that I’m entering into my 30s, but at the same time I could not be more excited.

Truthfully, my eyes are welling up with tears thinking about how richly the Lord has blessed my life over the past 30 years. I have parents (and parents-in-law) that model daily how to seek the Lord first, love your spouse, and love our family well. I have a wonderful education, a great job that brings me joy, a husband that loves me more than I will ever understand, friends that stand by me through the good and the bad, a roof over my head, a church that encourages and admonishes me, the best siblings and siblings-in-law, and two beautiful girls that I get to call my daughters.

Yes, I have been making all kinds of jokes the past couple of days about being “old” (think botox, wrinkles, joint pain, etc.), but in all honesty, I cannot wait to enter into my 30s. I’m excited! I’m excited to see what the Lord has in store for my family. I’m excited to see how my relationship with Christ will grow as life continues. I’m excited to accept the challenge of learning how to love my husband and family better each and every day. I’m excited (and still in awe daily) that God has blessed me with being the mommy of Emma Grace and Abigail and hope I don’t mess that one up! I’m excited for new traveling adventure, too! 😉

I could never have imagined this is what my life would look like at 30, and I wouldn’t change it for the world!

On a lighter note, scroll on to learn a little bit more about me… 😉

dallas fashion blogger, fleurdille, birthday

30 things about…me!

1 – i love tent camping

2 – my favorite “treat” is chocolate foyo & gummy bears

3 – i almost always eat a hershey kiss (just one) after dinner

4 – i swam & played water polo in high school

5 – my toes are my most embarrassing feature…yea, you’ll never see a photo of them

6 – a lot of my friends call me Nina…it’s a long story…

7 – favorite movie: a tie between overboard & father of the bride

8 – i went to high school in chicago (barrington, specifically)

9 – i almost never leave the house without mascara and eye liner on

10 – the one sport i love to watch is baseball (Go Rangers!)

11 – ice lakes hiking trail in silverton, co is my all time favorite hiking trail

12 – i’ve never been snow skiing

13 – i hate scary movies and will only watch 1 per year with my husband on halloween

14 – i’ve run 3 half marathons (and never had an inkling of a desire to run a full)

15 – i am a speech pathologist

16 – my least favorite chore is a tie between doing the dishes & watering the plants

17 – I have a mini dachshund named Mia

18 – the one food I absolutely hate is applesauce

19 – one of my favorite things to do in the winter is sleep with socks on

20 – i’m a pescatarian (vegetarian that eats fish)

21 – my husband and i would love to live in london

22 – my favorite food is mashed potatoes (so much so that when i was little i used to ask for mashed potatoes instead of a birthday cake)

23 – i played the flute when i was younger

24 – i like to change my handwriting style every couple of years

25 – drink of choice: red wine or a gin martini

26 – i love long road trips in the car

27 – paris & barcelona on the next two places on my list to travel to

28 – i’d rather wear a dress than pants

29 – i prefer an actual book over a kindle book (something about the smell of the pages)

30 – my favorite candle is the capri blue volcano no 6

dallas fashion blogger, fleurdille, birthdaydallas fashion blogger, fleurdille, birthdaydallas fashion blogger, fleurdille, birthdaydallas fashion blogger, fleurdille, birthdaydallas fashion blogger, fleurdille, birthdaydallas fashion blogger, fleurdille, birthday

photography: sukilynn

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