3 Easy Ways To Pack a Hat When Traveling

amazon hat bag

Hey, there! I’m so glad you’re here!

Several weeks ago we spent a week in Riviera Maya with our girls and believe it or not, we’re headed back to Mexico again at the end of summer. This second trip will be sans kids, however!

While packing for our beach trip with the girls I took a poll on Instagram. I asked you all how you typically pack your beach hats to prevent them from losing shape. I typically just wear or carry my hat of choice, but I wanted an easier way to travel with them.

With your feedback as well as some research, there seem to be 3 main ways to pack a hat when traveling. They all seem to help the hat retain it’s shape, too!

3 easy ways to pack a hat when traveling:


A hat clip! Why hadn’t I thought of that! A hat clip like this one, is something you can easily clip onto your purse or tote when flying. It’s an easy way to prevent your hat from getting squished and yet still allows you to be hands-free!


I found this hat holder on Amazon and it’s seriously legit. It can hold more than one hat and has rubber bands inside that hold the hat in place. The down side of flying with this hat holder is that it would have to count as one of your two carry-ons. However, I love that it allows you to bring more than one hat.


This was the most popular answer for packing a hat. Many of you stated you simply pack your hat in your suitcase. You simply flip your hat upside down and then surround it and stuff it with clothing to help hold it snug and retain it’s shape. Such a great and cost-free idea!