which mini hair straightener is the best

mini straightener comparison

eva nyc ($30) | kristin ess ($50)

Hi, babes! As promised, today I am reviewing my two mini straighteners. Over the past couple of years, Travis and I have started to travel pretty frequently whether it be long road trips or weekend getaways. With each trip, we’ve gotten smarter in the way we pack and the things we bring with us. Two of my absolute favorite tools to travel with are my mini blow dryer and my mini straightener. They are both extremely powerful, equally as effective as my normal size tools, and very compact. In fact, my mini straightener is so effective that I actually use it on a daily basis. That is until it broke…

During our beach trip this summer, my Eva NYC mini straightener got knocked off the counter and hit the marble floor at just the right angle and it cracked. Y’all, I was so bummed! After falling in love with the mini size though, I was determined to get another one. So, in a pinch, I ran to Target to pick up a new one. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the Eva NYC brand in store, so I opted for another brand – Kristin Ess. Kristin Ess is the brand of my favorite dry shampoo, so I was pumped to try out one of their hair tools. It was a bit pricier, so I figured it would be nicer. Here are my thoughts on the two…

eva nyc v. kristin ess

SIZE: kristin ess

For me, the Kristin Ess mini wins for size. It is slightly longer and the ceramic portion is a bit wider. Neither hurt your hair when you are running it through your hair. I also like that the cord on the Kristin Ess straightener is longer; much easier to use.


Although they are both easy to use, the Eva NYC beats the Kristin Ess mini in this category for one simple reason – button placement. On the Eva NYC mini the on/off switch is in the inside. On the Kristin Ess mini the on/off button is on the outside. Not only is it on the outside, but it’s right where your thumb or forefinger are when you press down to straighten. So naturally, you can accidentally turn it off when trying to use it. Kind of annoying if you ask me.

EFFECTIVENESS: eva nyc/kristin ess

This category is a tie. Both minis work equally as well. I had my Eva NYC mini for years and it consistently worked well. I haven’t had my Kristin Ess one for that long, but they both straighten my hair the same and neither damaged or pulled my hair.

PRICE: eva nyc 

Even though I like the sleeker design and neutral color of the Kristin Ess mini, the Eva NYC mini is $20 cheaper and you just can’t beat that.

So, all in all, if you’re going to get a mini straightener (which I highly recommend to all), I would go with the Eva NYC mini. It’s cheaper, just as effective, and isn’t going to turn off when you use it.