what jeans are right for your body type?

free people flare jeans

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You know you’re getting older when you start texting your girlfriend text chain asking if skinny jeans are still in style. We are seeing them less and less, but I think they are so flattering on women! We’ve also slowly been seeing the rise in jeans get lower and legs get wider. I’m okay with wider leg jeans, but I don’t think I can ever get rid of my high rise denim and my skinny jeans.

It got me thinking though, what jean style to you tend to wear?

Following jean trends can be fun and push you outside of your comfort zone. But, I think the most important thing, above being trendy, is wearing jeans that fit your body well. Flares may be in style, but if skinny jeans look the best on your body, you should rock them with confidence!

2022 Denim Trends:

  • Colored Jeans
  • Low-rise
  • Flare jeans
  • 90s jeans – low or high rise and wider legs
  • Detailed jeans – patchwork or jewels
  • Denim maxi skirts
  • Slouchy, baggy jeans

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No matter the trends though, finding the right jeans for your body type is a skill and an important one at that! Below you will find a quick guide to help you find the best jean top for your body type.

Once you find the jean style that best suits your figure, my recommendation would be to invest in a pair or two of qualify jeans. When you invest in jeans that fit you well and flatter your figure, you’ll be able to wear them year after year.

I would note, too, that not all designer jeans will fit you well. It’s taken me years to find jean brands that do and don’t me well. For example, Seven jeans don’t seem to ever fit me right while Agolde jeans fit me great. Don’t under estimate lower price point denim, too though! I’ve found some great pairs under $100 like Levi’s or Abercrombie jeans.

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short figure recommendation: skinny jeans (shop jeans here) || (top, similar booties)

The Best Jeans for Body Type:

TALL: flared jeans, skinny jeans; longer inseam (30″ or above). The goal is to show off those legs and find a pair of jeans that accurately fits your figure/height.

SHORT: mid or high rise jeans to make your legs look longer; opt for skinnier jeans as wider leg jeans will make your legs look shorter. The goal is to make your legs look longer.

HOURGLASS: wide-leg or flared jeans; boot cut jeans; straight leg denim; black or dark denim. The goal is to just keep your proportions balanced; you can get away with a lot!

BOYISH FIGURE: straight cut jeans; skinny flare jeans; bootcut jeans; high waist jeans or low rise jeans. The goal is to help create an hourglass figure.

ROUNDED HIPS: straight cut jeans or skinny jeans. The goal is to work with your body shape and not against it. For example, pair a flowy blouse with your skinny jeans.

APPLE: jeans with elastic waist, mid-rise jeans, boot cut jeans. The goal is to elongate your figure.

PEAR SHAPE: low-rise jeans or jeans that sit below your waist; bootcut jeans; dark-wash jeans; relaxed fit or boyfriend jeans; flared jeans. The goal is draw attention upward; even out the weight.

INVERTED TRIANGLE: boot cut or flared jeans. The goal is to balance your lower half with your shoulders.

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short figure recommendation: high waist denim (shop a jeans here) || (sandals, top)

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short figure recommendation: skinny jeans (shop a similar pair here) || (sandals, top)