My Closet Clean Out And How A Wardrobe Stylist Can Help You!

wardrobe stylist closet clean out

Hey, there! I’m so glad you’re here today because today’s post is a good one! We are chatting all about my recent closet clean out! This past week I did something I have never done before – I had a wardrobe stylist, a professional, assist me in a closet clean out. For years I have done it on my own (semi-successfully), but I always keep more than I should. I was excited to see a wardrobe stylist work her magic and help me clean things out!

Closet Clean Out with a Wardrobe Stylist

Lauren Frank, a Dallas-based wardrobe stylist (and a dear friend!) worked with me last week to help me pare down my closet, style new looks from existing clothes, and feel inspired with the wardrobe I already have. The task felt daunting to me, but Lauren knows what she is doing and made it simple, refreshing, and fun!

How Does A Closet Clean Out Work?

It’s actually much easier than you think! Instead of tackling it all at once, Lauren takes your wardrobe out section by section. This method helps to make the task feel less daunting. So, we started with sections of my closet and talked through each piece. Once we had pared down my closet (we gave away 6 bags full of clothing!), she added my clothes back in, section by section.

How Do You Determine What To Keep Or Toss?

This was the piece I was the most curious about. Lauren never forced me to get rid of something and never made me feel like my clothing purchases weren’t of value. Instead, we talked through each piece to determine their value in my closet. What she looked for was how well a piece fit my body type, if I had duplicate of something, if a piece was worn, or if a piece was outdated. She made her suggestions, but if there was something really sentimental or of value to me, we kept it! I honestly thought we might butt heads a lot, but I was shocked at how easy it was to let go of pieces I no longer wear or pieces that have served their purpose in my closet. It was incredibly refreshing!

What Is The Biggest Difference of a Closet Clean Out with a Professional Versus Doing It Yourself?

For me, I think the biggest difference was the sheer volume of things I was able to part with. As I stated before, I’ve tried to pare down my closet by myself and have to a degree. However, having a wardrobe stylist there with me, helping me think critically about each piece, I was able to part ways with a lot more. There were pieces I had in my closet for years that I hadn’t even touched. Heck, there were pieces in my closet I forgot I had simply because I had so many clothes crammed in there I couldn’t ever see them.

What Is The Biggest Benefit of Using a Wardrobe Stylist for a Closet Clean Out?

The biggest benefit from purging your closet with a wardrobe stylist has to be the ability to see and access all of my clothes. In turn, I will be able to style and wear everything in my closet as opposed to just grabbing the same few pieces every time.

When my closet was crammed with clothes, it felt overwhelming. I ended up wearing the same few things over and over. Now that I can see and easily access everything in my closet, I will have so much more fun styling new looks! I also think it will make me think twice before buying new pieces for my wardrobe. I’ll be able to think more critically about how something fits and if it adds value to my wardrobe.

I can honestly say that I walked away from this experience feeling refreshed and excited! And bonus, my husband was equally as excited to see so much go!

wardrobe stylist closet clean out


wardrobe stylist closet clean outwardrobe stylist closet clean out

during – creating “keep” piles and eliminating

wardrobe stylist closet clean out

we got ride of 6 bags of clothes!

wardrobe stylist closet clean out


And because I know so many of you will have questions about what a wardrobe stylist is and what services are available, I am including commonly asked questions below. After my closet clean out, I sat down with Lauren and asked her questions I thought you might like to know! If there is something we didn’t cover, please feel free to email her (stylebylaurenfrank@gmail.com) and check out her instagram for more inspiration!

Wardrobe Stylist Interview with Lauren Frank

1. What services do you offer?

Styling services include full wardrobe clean-outs with organizing, styling existing pieces to make new outfit combinations, personal shopping, creating ¬†work trip/leisure trip outfits for upcoming travel, occasion dressing (weddings, confirmations, events, photoshoots, etc.)… basically, if you’re getting dressed, I got you!

2. Who is your typical client?

I like to think of my client¬†as the¬†man or woman who has alllllll the clothes but “nothing to wear at all” (the plaguing “Closet¬†Paralysis” as I like to call it). He or she has worn the same jeans/top combo to every girl’s dinner,¬†happy hour or family function and are just hoping they haven’t been photographed too much in the same ‘fit. My client¬†typically buys pieces they¬†gravitate towards, but then unboxes them and has no idea how to style them or if they even work with their body type/lifestyle/personality. My client has at one time or another been stuck in a “Style Subscription Rut” – returning time and time again to a department store stylist or online service that kept closets full of fresh pieces, but the pieces just missed the mark on elevating the client’s¬†personal¬†style. My client is the man or woman who just needs a fresh set of eyes and some collaborative creativity to pull out the innate sense of style that¬†does in fact¬†exist in each one of us. We find it, we hone in on it and¬†own¬†it.¬†

3. What is your styling philosophy?

How we dress our bodies is an extension of who we were created to be and how we were created to feel about ourselves and¬†nothing¬†feels better than confidence.¬†It’s my job to create an energizing and enjoyable process for my clients to build on that confidence, re-discover or elevate a client’s personal¬†style and take the¬†guesswork out of getting dressed.¬†Being able to creatively pull looks together and make a client feel like an elevated version of themselves instills this confidence. And THAT is the fuel of my business.

4. What is your styling process?

I love to start in¬†a¬†closet and edit down/get rid of the tired, the ill-fitting and the pieces that are in need of an update. All of a¬†client’s existing pieces are then organized because I am a firm believer that you won’t wear what you can’t see. From there, it is easy to see where new pieces can be added. Then let’s style them. Styling outfits from existing pieces in addition to newly¬†curated pieces can then help a client feel like they have a whole new wardrobe without having to invest in one! It is amazing¬†what new¬†combinations can do. Start to finish I love to see how a client owns their style and becomes this new force with looks to match. It’s my favorite part of my job.

5. Do you offer on-going services?

Absolutely. I¬†usually¬†love to tackle wardrobe additions seasonally. Trends are changing constantly and personal style is always evolving. This doesn’t¬†mean a complete overhaul every session, but clients with whom I build relationships enjoy being able to stay on top of these changes while not getting re-buried in the tired and the out-of-date. Occasion dressing and curating travel wardrobes as trips and events pop up on our social calendars are also a fun way of remixing or adding specialty pieces. I’m here for all of it!

6. Why would women benefit from this service?

I want getting dressed to be life-giving and FUN and secondary to whatever else is going on in busy, everyday life. There are way too many occasions hijacked by Closet Paralysis. We done¬†with that. Even if getting dressed isn’t something that excites a client, the confidence and sense of empowerment that comes from feeling good in what we are wearing is second to none. That’s a benefit I’m so excited to provide and hope all my clients get to enjoy from my services.

7. What is your rate?

Rates vary based on the service, so please send all price-related questions directly to Lauren Frank at stylebylaurenfrank@gmail.com.

8. How can you tell someone’s personal style?

It’s definitely a combination of personality, lifestyle, and the pieces each client is gravitated towards in their existing wardrobe. I have to be able to hone in on that using ALL of these facets – because they’re all so important.

9. Do you or can you help tailor someone’s closet to their personal style and life stage?

100% yes! One of my favorite challenges is helping a new mom or mom of young¬†children re-discover their unique sense of style after kids (or in the midst of growing their family). Style is something we get to have that belongs to just us – and in a lifestage where there is not a lot that is just ours, I love to be able to help with that. I like moms to feel like they can get on the floor with littles or pull up to carpool while feeling like a BOSS (and looking like one too). Functional, but put together. Being a mom of two little ones myself creates a soft spot for the mom struggling with her personal style while raising her family (aka: the hardest job on the planet) and navigating body¬†change. I’ve been there!