My Top 6 Date Night Essentials for Every Girl

6 date night essentials every girl needs in her closet.

Happy Monday! Today I feel like I am living my best life – my girls are home. Even though Trav is at work today, I am so pumped to stay at home with my little chickens and snuggle, eat donuts until we’re sick, and take naps together. I’m also excited because we get to share with Emma Grace a bit about MLK Day. We didn’t really explain much about it last year given that she was 3 and would probably not have understood anything. But, this year she can definitely grasp it.

We explained to Emma Grace that Martin Luther King Jr. was a leader in the civil rights movement. We explained that his way of fighting for what is right was by using his words and his hands for love – something we preach daily to our girls. We talked about how neat it was that others could see and know God’s love through his actions. Are you sharing historical moments with your kids? I would really urge you to – they are so much smarter than we give them credit for at this age!

I digress…

6 date night essentials every girl needs in her closet.

Today, we get to talk about the 6 date night essentials I think every woman should have! Over NYE one of my good friends asked me what I thought the top 5 date night essentials were. She is simplifying her closet and was curious as to which items would last year through every season. So I started thinking about what I considered the top date night essentials, and I came up with a list of 6 items.

The key to narrowing your date night look to just the essentials, is finding pieces that are versatile. Pieces that can be worn the winter and worn in the summer. My advice for creating your date night wardrobe is to invest. If you are trying to simplify your date night wardrobe to a couple of pieces, invest in those items because you want them to last for years. These are those classic items that could and should be worn with all sorts of outfits in every season.


  1. a neutral clutch – invest in a black or nude clutch that will go with everything. Having a classic color clutch will allow you to wear it in any seasons with any outfit. Opt for a classic style, too, to make sure it translates through the seasons and trends. If you’ve been a follower of Fleurdille for a long time you’ve probably noticed that I do this all the time. My GiGi New York clutch (in today’s post) and my Everlane black clutch are my go-to clutches. They go with everything and end up saving me a lot of money in the long run!
  2. nude pumps – the reason I say nude versus black is that nude can be worn in every single season. It can be paired with dark denim and a chunky sweater in the winter or a breezy eyelet dress in the summer. Wearing black pumps in the summer doesn’t always work.
  3. dark denim – invest in a good pair of denim. Investing in a darker pair gives your outfit a dressier feel. I love the Mott & Bow pair in today’s post (under $100). They’re high waisted and skinny making them easy to with under tall boots or with summer wedges.
  4. a LBD – you probably knew this was coming, but every gal needs a little black dress. A LBD is the perfect date night essential because it acts like a blank canvas. You can style the dress to fit the season or the latest trend by changing out your bag, your clutch, or your shoes. BTW – if you’re looking for a new one, this Kate Spade sheath dress just got majorly marked down! This dress is also a LBD favorite of mine and it’s under $50!
  5. white top – we don’t always wear dresses on date night, so I would opt for one quality neutral top. Again, the reason being that a white top will act as a blank canvas. It’s something you can layer under in the winter or wear alone with bright accessories in the summer.
  6. leather jacket – I debated this one for quite a long time, but think it belongs on this list. A leather jacket is one of those classic pieces every girl should have in her wardrobe. It is super versatile – you can wear it with a dress, jeans, shorts, a skirt, etc. And, it automatically dresses up your outfit. I would go for a classic color here too – black or tan.

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PSS – thank you guys for your huge support last week regarding my hysterectomy post. You guys were so incredibly supportive and kind! I appreciate every single one of you that read my story and every one of you that reached out to me. Y’all are seriously the best!

6 date night essentials every girl needs in her closet.6 date night essentials every girl needs in her closet.6 date night essentials every girl needs in her closet.6 date night essentials every girl needs in her closet.6 date night essentials every girl needs in her closet.

top: ann taylor | denim: mott & bow | pumps: otk boots | clutch: gigi new york | sunnies: karen walker

photography: fort lion studio