Toddler Toys

TT toys

1. pottery barn chair 2. target baby doll bed 3. target baby doll high chair 4. restoration hardware canopy 5. hape kitchen set via hayneedle 6. neiman marcus piano 7. neiman marcus tricycle 8. american girl bitty baby 9. pottery barn aderondak chairs

Emma Grace is approaching her second birthday and therefore, we’re starting to transition out of her baby toys and into some “big girl” toys. There are SO many toys out there, so it can be a bit overwhelming, but we tried to focus on toys that would foster imaginative play and language. Our Bitty Baby has been a long time favorite and we are just now starting to feed her, put her to bed, change her diaper, etc. It kind of makes me excited to see how Emma will be with baby #2; I think she’ll be a great big sister! Emma’s daddy is very musical, so this little piano was a no-brainer. Emma Graces is constantly looking at a book, so we purchased this Restoration Hardware canopy to create a reading cozy little reading nook in her bedroom. We also love being outdoors, so anything related out outside is an automatic, from adirondack chairs to tricycles to water play. The kitchen set we actually first saw at our friend’s house and mommy fell in love with it. I have about had my fill of plastic toys, so I love that this one is made of wood and looks so real! Emma could spend hours mimicking mommy in her play kitchen and cooking up food for her baby and me. Finally, we were gifted the comfy lounge chair from Pottery Barn by a friend and are obsessed. We sit in it to read and watch television.

I know there are still so many other great toys out there (puzzles, books, etc.) that aren’t on this list, so if you have a favorite for your kiddo, I’d love to hear your suggestion as we build up our inventory.

xx – anna & emma grace