Toddler Girl Sweater Dress

toddler girl sweater dress

Happy Tiny Tuesday!!! My girls are currently playing with Abby’s new cars on the kitchen floor. Abby is in her PJs still and Emma Grace has already changed into her new dance leotard, a necklace my mom gifted her, and a sparkly pink headband. One thing we know for sure about Emma Grace right now is that she is most definitely a girly girl. She would wear a tutu and sparkly accessories every day of her life if I let her. Because tutus don’t exactly keep her warm, I’ve had to get creative with her winter wardrobe, which brings us to today’s post.

Emma Grace refuses to wear pants, leggings, or jeans in the winter, so it’s left me a bit stumped. We’ve landed on one look to keep her warm – sweater dress, tights, and boots. I’ve found that if I can find a sweater dress that has a tutu skirt attached it’s even better. Most winter days in Texas Emma Grace can get away without wearing tights, but for those colder days, she’ll agree to wearing boots if they’re “girly” and the ones in today’s post are on sale for $15!!

I’m so interested to see what Abby is drawn to as far as a wardrobe goes, but for now I’ll go along with the easy days of putting whatever I want on her. 🙂 What are some of your kiddos’ clothing preferences? Do they have one? I’d love to hear!!

shop emma’s favorite sweater dresses:

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dress: gap (similar, similar) | boots: target

photography: sukilynn