Tiny Tuesday: Pink Tassel Crossbody Bags

pink tassel crossbody bag

Happy Tiny Tuesday!! We’re still on a high from our super fun day with our Mimi yesterday. Our Mimi lives in Chicago so we don’t get to see her as often as we’d like, but she’s here this week so we took full advantage of our time with her and the nice weather yesterday. We spent most of the day outside and it was so nice!

It’s kind of crazy that we’re already getting to wear our sandals, but hey, that’s Dallas for you! I picked up these outfits for the girls a couple of weeks back from Target and thought they would be so precious to wear around Easter time and transition into Summer with the cute little jacket that comes with it.

Then, we found out about Accessory Concierge‘s new children’s line and couldn’t resist these fun little crossbody bags. I mean how cute are they? Emma Grace is extremely girly and already has a little purse collection. She loves putting her chapstick and little secret goodies in them, and Abby just likes to do everything Emma Grace likes to do. These bags are the first crossbody bags my girls have carried and it actually was nice because they’re hands free and light weight so they can continue to run around like crazy without being hindered by their bag (can’t believe I’m saying this about a 1 and 3 year old, haha).

pink tassel crossbody bagwhite eyelet skirt and topwhite eyelet skirtpink tassel crossbody bagpink sandalswhite floral headbandwhite floral headband

emma grace: top: cat & jack | skirt: cat & jack | sandals: similarsimilar | bag: accessory concierge c/o

abby: top: cat & jack | skirt: cat & jack | jacket: cat & jack | sandals: similar | bag: accessory concierge c/o

photography: sukilynn