the weekend edit 11.10.19

the weekend edit

the weekend edit:

  1. This portable phone charger ($25) was a savior on my girls’ trip last weekend.
  2. I wore my favorite sweater to the OU game yesterday. It comes in several colors, too!
  3. These earrings are great for the holiday season.
  4. To say I’m obsessed with my air fryer would be an understatement.
  5. These booties continue to be a top seller week after week.
  6. Now that it’s cold I can bust out my favorite scarf again!
  7. This wine stopper is a great stocking gift and it’s the one we use day-to-day!
  8. More than a little obsessed with these sneakers.
  9. Just added this dress to my birthday wish list!
  10. Loving the coatigan trend and this one is too cute!