The Fancy Flamingos Bangles


I’ve found it! The perfect gift for your girlfriend! I find that it can be hard to pick something you think your friend will get a lot of use out of and not break the bank buying it. Well y’all, there is an adorable jewelry shop on Etsy that will solve all of these problems! The Fancy Flamingos is an Etsy boutique that sells beautiful jewelry at reasonable prices. Their pieces are elegant, dainty, and trendy. What I like the most about them is that you can mix and match their bangles to go with different looks. I think it’s so fun to put a couple neutral bangles together and then add one bangle with a bold color. So, if you’re struggling with what to get a friend or loved one, check out The Fancy Flamingos‘ rings and bracelets on Etsy!

note: get your orders in today to ensure delivery by Christmas!

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xo -anna