the best father’s day gifts from amazon

father's day amazon gift guide

Happy Tuesday, babes! I’ve taken some time off from this space to listen, reflect, and learn, but I have to say, it feels so good to be back! I missed y’all!

Okay, let’s talk Father’s Day. Anyone else forget Father’s Day is this coming weekend? Of course I’ve had it on my radar, but it just dawned on me today that we don’t have anything for Travis yet! Eek!

Since I’m not completely comfortable taking my girls into stores yet, I turned to the most reliable source for quality items and 2-day shipping – Amazon! In case you’re in the same boat and in need of that fast shipping, too, I’ve rounded up some of the best gifts from Amazon. The gifts are in various price ranges; there are splurge-worthy items and items under $50 that the dad in your life with love!

father's day amazon gift guide


  • AIR PODS & CHARGING CASE: upgrade your husband or father’s headphones with air pods and a charging case. I have this exact pair and love them!
  • ADIDAS SHOES: I love the look of these shoes because they work with so many different styles. They can be worn with athletic clothes or dressed up for dinner out! They come in several color options, too!
  • HOMEMADE GIN KIT: how stinking cool is this gift? If the dad in your life enjoys making cocktails, this gin making kit would make a great gift!
  • LEATHER WALLET: I know this seems like such a mundane gift, but it’s one men really use! Our dads use their wallets daily and over time they wear out. I love this one (comes in black, too) and the price is perfect!
  • YETI MUG: such a useful gift! Whether the dad in your life is a coffee lover or likes to sip on a beverage on his evening walks, this yeti is a must-have to keep his drink cold!
  • HEATED NECK MASSAGER: I hope Trav doesn’t read this post, because he is most definitely getting one of these! Our friends RAVED about this massager (only $35) and then the 4.5 star rating on Amazon sold me. A great gift to spoil the dad in your life on Father’s Day!
  • NITRO COLD BREW COFFEE MAKER: this is an excellent gift for cold brew lovers. It’s a bit of an investment, but if he likes cold brew this coffee maker would make his morning(s).
  • PORTABLE CAR VACUUM CLEANER: I know that there are a lot of dads out there that love to keep their cards in mint condition. If the dad in your life is that way, I recommend this portable vacuum cleaner. It has insane reviews and is a great “tool” to add to their collection.
  • YETI PORTABLE COOLER: lately we’ve had such a need for smaller, soft side coolers that I’m starting to realize that a portable cooler would make a great practical gift. It’s the type of cooler you’d find yourself bringing on road trips, taking over to your neighbors for a backyard hang, or even taking to tailgate.
  • BEER BOTTLE COOLER: I think this cooler is so dang cool. It covers the whole bottle so it keeps it colder, longer. It also has a built-in bottle opener!
  • RECORD PLAYER: for all the music-loving dads out there, a record player is a must-have. This one comes in several color options and is super affordable.
  • WATERPROOF PORTABLE BLUETOOTH SPEAKER: I don’t know about the dad in your life, but Travis uses our bluetooth speaker constantly! We continually find ourselves bringing it outside when we are hanging in the backyard or are grilling out. A portable speaker like this would be great by the pool, too!