The 3 Masks I Brought With Me On Vacation

clarins depuffing mask

masking while camping

Hey, there! So glad you’re here!

Last week was quite the week for our family! We tent camped in the rain for 6 days straight, stayed a few days in Ouray, CO, and celebrated my oldest’s birthday and sister’s engagement. It was one of the best weeks of the summer for sure!

Knowing we’d be traveling in the car on a long road trip, camping in the cold rain, and drinking more than we usually do, I knew our week could do a number on my skin. So, I brought my 3 favorite masks with me to keep my skin in check.

Each of the masks I brought served a purpose and worked! I used each several times and even converted my mom and sister into believers of these masks!

3 Must-Have Masks for Vacation:

1. DETOX ME mask by Frè (code: “fleurdille” for 20% off)

This mask is a new clean beauty favorite. Frè is a clean skincare brand designed for active women (works for men, and safe for kids as well). The Detox Me mask serves two purposes for me – it’s a great mask for after you’ve sweat or have clogged pores (think: long car rides or flying). I brought this mask to use both after our long hikes and after our 12 hour road trip. I used it after our long drive to CO and after our long drive home and it prevented me from breaking out! The ingredients in this mask – Argan oil, Kaolin clay, Yarrow, Azulene and Dead Sea Salts to name a few work together to rejuvenate your skin. These ingredients hydrate your skin, remove impurities and excess sebum (what’s produced when you sweat), balances your skin, reduces breakouts, and reduces skin inflammation.

I’ve found that this gentle exfoliating mask is jus that – gentle and effective. It never makes my skin red or irritated and kept me from breaking out.

2. ULTRA HYDRATING Mask by Follain(code: “Anna15” for 15% off)

This mask is one of my go-to masks for restoring moisture into my skin. I knew that camping in cold temperatures and high altitude would dry out my skin. So, I used this mask several times to restore the moisture in my skin. This is a super gentle mask and works for men and kids as well. My dad actually liked this mask the most of all of us!

This is also the mask I use on my girls when their skin gets dry! I highly recommend it!

3. Depuffing Mask by Clarins

Say hello to THE best depuffing mask. I use this mask mostly before a big event or after a night of beverages. I knew my face would be prone to puffiness both due to high altitude and after having wine to celebrate my sister’s engagement. So, I used this mask several times. I knew it would work wonders after a night out, but I was most shocked that it worked to reduce puffiness from the change in altitude. This mask is a tad on the pricier side, but a mask I think every single woman should have in her beauty cabinet!