How to Style Overalls as an Adult

How to style overalls as an adult.

Happy Monday, loves! Does anyone else love when a childhood trends makes a comeback? 2018 is full of trends from my childhood from big labels to overalls. Yes, overalls. Overalls always seems to make a small appearance when the weather warms up, but this year they’re coming out in full force. We’re seeing all different styles in all different materials from denim to velvet to suede. When a trend like this has a lot of variety I think it becomes super easy to pull off. Because, with more options out there the more likely you are to find something that fits your personal style.

How to style overalls as an adult.


I am still in the market for a good pair of denim overalls, but I can tell you right now this one from Free People will be my favorite. I obviously love the lighter color, the price is great under $100, and can we talk about the button front? Dead. I also got super jazzed about it because of how unique it is. One of my favorite things that got passed down to me from my mom was her red jumpsuit from the 80s. Ever since my mom passed down such an iconic piece, I’ve started to collect and save really trendy, unique pieces for my girls. I want to save those items like this Cult Gaia bag and like the overalls in today’s post because of the story the tell about our life and society. I just think it will be so cool to give my girls these overalls and watch them as they question why we would ever wear something like this, haha.

The other great thing about this one is how versatile it is. It lends itself well to layering with a blouse or sweater underneath. But, it will also look great on it’s on in the spring and summer with a pair of sandals. It would be great to take to the beach, too! And because of it’s neutral color, you could easily add color of your choosing with your layering pieces or accessories.

How to style overalls as an adult.How to style overalls as an adult.How to style overalls as an adult.How to style overalls as an adult.How to style overalls as an adult.How to style overalls as an adult.

top: free people ($40) | overalls: free people (under $100) | booties: similar | bag: banana republic (similar) | sunnies: karen walker

photography: fort lion studio