Fleurdille’s Spring 2023 Capsule Wardrobe

Capsule wardrobes are back!

I took a couple months off of creating capsule wardrobes because to be honest, I felt like I was in a rut fashion-wise. I wanted to try some new trends and see if capsule were still the right route for me. After a few months off, I really missed so much of what a capsule wardrobe provides.

I love the ease it provides for creating wardrobes. It gives you a palette where all the colors/pieces work well together making it so simple to create an outfit. It made my mornings easier because of how simple it was to create an outfit. I also miss the money it saves. I find that when I create capsules I end up saving money. Yes, some of the items in the capsule are a bit pricier like some of the jeans, but I end up wearing them month after month so it pays off. When I have a set capsule to work from it keeps me from impulse buying other items.

So, as we head into a new season, I thought it would be fun to bring back the capsule wardrobes. Rather than creating a March capsule I decided to create a seasonal capsule that YOU can build off of. This capsule is meant to give you a solid base for your wardrobe. These are pieces that are worth investing in and pieces you’ll be able to transitional easily from winter into spring and then on into summer. For example, I plan on wearing the linen dress, white linen skirt, and denim shorts all summer long!

spring 2023 capsule wardrobe

cardigan // denim shirt // white blazer // linen dress // satin dress // linen skirt // long sleeve bodysuit // vneck bodysuit // stripe tank // black and white baby tee // boxy tee // black 90s pinch waist jeans // spring sweater // puffy twist heels // sneaker // white tank // black blazer // purse // pink jeans // zara marine straight jeans // linen skirt // denim shorts // neutral jeans (also here; similar here) // black crop pants


spring capsule outfit ideas:

  • denim shorts, stripe tank, white blazer
  • white linen dress, denim shirt
  • black satin dress, black blazer
  • white linen skirt, white tank, denim shirt
  • denim shorts, white tank, cardigan
  • black satin dress, white blazer, white sneakers
  • black jeans, black fitted tee
  • denim shorts, black tee, black blazer
  • pink jeans, white bodysuit, cardigan
  • pink jeans, stripe tank, white blazer
  • white linen dress, cardigan
  • white linen skirt, white long sleeve bodysuit, crossbody bag, sneakers
  • black 90s jeans, white boxy tee
  • denim shorts, long sleeve white tank, denim shirt
  • white linen dress, white blazer, puffy heels
  • black crop pants, white fitted tee, black blazer
  • white linen skirt, vneck bodysuit, black blazer
  • white linen skirt, vneck bodysuit, white blazer
  • white linen dress, blank sandals, black blazer
  • denim shorts, neutral sweater, puffy heels, purse